Anything Is Possible Character Descriptions

Elizabeth Strout
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Tommy Guptill

This character once owned a dairy farm but became a janitor at his children's school after the dairy farm burned down.

Patty Nicely

This character works as a guidance counselor at a school. She is a widow and a caring daughter and sister.

Linda Peterson-Cornell

This character lives in a wealthy neighborhood of Chicago, where she and her husband have a lovely and art-filled home.

Jay Peterson-Cornell

This character is accused of rape in Chapter 3, "Cracked."

Yvonne Tuttle

This character is a photographer in Chapter 3, "Cracked." She accuses the owner of the guest room where she stays of attempted rape.

Karen-Lucie Toth

This photographer from Alabama appears in Chapter 3, "Cracked." Her husband committed suicide, leaving her a widow.

Charlie Macauley

This character appears in more than one story from the book. He is a Vietnam War veteran who suffers from PTSD and he gives a prostitute $10,000 to...

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