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Short Answer Questions

1. From next to where does Antony go to discover the outcome of the sea-battle at Alexandria?

2. Who accompanies Antony into his camp in Act 4, Scene 5?

3. Of what does Caesar say the death of Antony should have made a greater?

4. Whom is it reported by Enobarbus that Caesar has hanged without good reason?

5. What may be held in the location to which the speaker and company go in Act 4, scene 11?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way is Antony's disposition towards the battle at Alexandria changed on the second day?

2. Why does Cleopatra tell Mardian to inform Antony that she has died?

3. In what way are the places of the two armies shown to be exchanged in Act 4, Scene 8?

4. How does Cleopatra envision her shaming in Rome if she is taken there as a captive?

5. How does the news of Cleopatra's death affect Antony's actions?

6. How has the battle gone so far, in Act 4, Scene 7?

7. To what end does Cleopatra commit herself, and why, after Antony has died?

8. Why does Caesar insist upon being still with his land forces on the second day of Battle at Alexandria?

9. What attitude grips Antony and his soldiers in Act 4, Scene 7?

10. What does Enobarbus reveal about Caesar in Act 4, Scene 6?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The primary element to the vibrancy of any of Shakespeare's plays, particularly those that are historically based, is the richness of the characters' portrayal. As such, comprehending the roles of even the most minor characters can be crucial to appreciation of the play as a whole. In the case of Antony and Cleopatra, every character revolves around fidelity to some other, more powerful individual. Analyze in an insightful essay all of the characters who are fundamentally attached to Antony, excluding Enobarbus. What is common among the various characters attached to Antony? How does this reflect upon Antony himself? What sort of relationship is there between each character and Antony? Upon what is the relationship founded? Is there any sort of reciprocity present?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the play, there is a regularly occurring but never explicitly mentioned theme of tyrannical rule. Tyranny, in the modern conception, is defined as the rule of any authoritative figure or body for the sake of his or their own good, without consideration of those who are ruled. In a thoughtful essay, analyze the presence of this theme in all of the powerful rulers throughout the play. How do they rule for their own good? In what way does this rule affect those who are ruled, be it positive or negative? In what scenes or actions do the various rulers evince tyrannical tendencies?

Essay Topic 3

Keeping in mind that a tragedy is a story of human action which, by the means of free will and fate, results in exceptional calamity and the death or disintegration of the life of an extraordinary man, analyze the relationship between the story of Antony and Cleopatra with the archetypal indications of tragedy in a well-thought-out essay. What indicates the story to be a tragedy? What is the significance of all the central elements of the story insofar as they relate to tragedy? In what does the play's tragedy specifically consist?

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