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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Caesar's will regarding Antony in Act 4, Scene 6?
(a) That he be killed.
(b) That he be taken alive.
(c) That he surrender.
(d) That he be driven to shame.

2. Whom does Antony believe responsible for the actions of his fleet?
(a) Diomedes.
(b) Taurus.
(c) Cleopatra.
(d) Eros.

3. Who enters to guard Cleopatra while Proculeius reports to Caesar?
(a) Gallus.
(b) Agrippa.
(c) Dolabella.
(d) Mecaenas.

4. Whose of Caesar's does Antony insist alone is worthy of trust?
(a) Dollabella.
(b) Agrippa.
(c) Proculeius.
(d) Gallus.

5. How many soldiers are present in Act 4, Scene 9?
(a) Five.
(b) Three.
(c) Four.
(d) Two.

6. What does Antony call Eros after the latter's suicide?
(a) Cleopatra's shadow.
(b) Much better the man.
(c) Twice the fool.
(d) Thrice-nobler than he.

7. How is the army of Caesar preparing for the second day of battle at Alexandria?
(a) By river.
(b) By sea.
(c) With fire.
(d) By land.

8. To whose "prepared nails" does Antony refer?
(a) Cleopatra's.
(b) Fulvia's.
(c) Octavia's.
(d) Death's.

9. From next to where does Antony go to discover the outcome of the sea-battle at Alexandria?
(a) The vale.
(b) The hill.
(c) The pine.
(d) The coast.

10. With whom does Antony intend his foot soldiers to stay in Act 4, Scene 10?
(a) Caesar's foot.
(b) Cleopatra.
(c) Caesar's ships.
(d) Himself.

11. Who goes to make Caesar's will regarding Antony known to the troops?
(a) Enobarbus.
(b) Canidius.
(c) Agrippa.
(d) Alexas.

12. Whom does Cleopatra say she and her companions shall make proud to take them?
(a) Death.
(b) Antony.
(c) Jove.
(d) Caesar.

13. In the concluding lines of Act 4, Scene 8, Antony says heaven and earth will do what to Antony and his companions?
(a) Condemn them.
(b) Abandon them.
(c) Deride them.
(d) Applaud them.

14. Where does Cleopatra go in Act 4, Scene 13?
(a) Her ship.
(b) Sicily.
(c) The monument.
(d) Caesar's camp.

15. For whom does Antony call at the end of Act 4's twelfth scene?
(a) Eros.
(b) Cleopatra.
(c) Scarus.
(d) Caesar.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Greek name for "holy Phoebus" to whom Antony refers?

2. Who does Antony demand bring his armor in Act 4, Scene 4?

3. What is an appropriate synonym for "appointment" as used in line 8 of Act 4, Scene 10?

4. Whom does Antony call a "great fairy"?

5. Who is it revealed has deserted Antony in Act 4?

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