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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Scene 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom is it reported by Enobarbus that Caesar has hanged without good reason?
(a) Canidius.
(b) Herod.
(c) Alexas.
(d) Agrippa.

2. What is Cleopatra's initial fear when a messenger arrives from Italy in Act 2, Scene 5?
(a) Pompey's victory.
(b) Antony's ailing.
(c) Antony's death.
(d) Antony's marriage.

3. What does Antony call the work of a soldier in war?
(a) A gruesome drudergy.
(b) The royal occupation.
(c) The great test.
(d) A daily labor.

4. What effect does Antony's odd trick in speaking to his servants produce on the servants?
(a) They weep.
(b) They laugh.
(c) They flee.
(d) They quail.

5. What, according to Enobarbus, ails Lepidus after the meeting with Pompey?
(a) Blindness.
(b) The green sickness.
(c) A rheumatism.
(d) A broken heart.

Short Answer Questions

1. What may be held in the location to which the speaker and company go in Act 4, scene 11?

2. What does Antony, in Act 4, Scene 2's terminal line, say he and his fellows ought to drown?

3. What game do Cleopatra and Mardian almost play to pass the time while she waits to hear of Antony?

4. With whom does Caesar exchange speech in Act 4, Scene 1?

5. How does Caesar respond to Antony's challenge?

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