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Lesson 1 (from Act 1, Scene 1 | Act 1, Scene 2)


William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra focuses on two primary conflicts: Antony's internal struggle with himself and his external military conflict with Caesar. In Act 1, Scenes 1 and 2, the play exposes Antony's internal conflict between his sense of duty and his infatuated devotion to Cleopatra. The objective of this lesson is to study this exposition of internal conflict.


1) Class Discussion: What is the content of Philo's speech to Demetrius at the play's beginning? What is the significance of this speech? How is this speech shown to be true in the subsequent action between Antony and Cleopatra? In what way does Antony act towards Cleopatra? In what way does Cleopatra act towards Antony? What is significant about the conversation between Demetrius and Philo at the end of Scene 1? How does Antony's behavior change in Scene 2? What does this expose about Antony? How does Cleopatra react towards Antony's change...

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