Antony and Cleopatra Fun Activities

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Roman Soldier Costume

Design and create your own Roman soldier costume, as would have been worn in the days of Mark Antony. Be sure to receive the appropriate permission before altering any garments or objects.

Historical Mark Antony

Research and discuss at length the historical account of Mark Antony's life, which can be found in a variety of readily accessible sources.

Ancient Maps

Obtain images of the maps of the Roman Empire according to how it was divided amongst the three triumvirs. Note the locations significant to the play.

Write your own soliloquy

Compose your own soliloquy, in the style of Enobarbus, to the length of 10-20 lines of iambic pentameter.

Act out a scene

Select a dramatic scene involving four or more characters and act it out. There are many scenes for which this can be done.

Best Cleopatra

Find images of the various women who have...

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