Antony and Cleopatra Character Descriptions

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Aemilius Lepidus - See Lepidus

Agrippa - Aide and closest confidante to one of the three triumvirs, this character suggests an important political marriage.

Alexas - This character is a pretentious aide to the Queen of Egypt and is eventually hanged.

Ambassador - See Schoolmaster

Antony - This character is the chief protagonist of the story.

Boy - This character sings a drinking song aboard a ship near Rome.

Caesar - This character plays opposite to the story's chief protagonist, and emerges triumphant in the end.

Canidius - This character is a chief military officer of one of the armies, defecting after the battle of Actium.

Captain - This title applies to several characters, such as the instance of one character who tells one of the Roman triumvirs that they have fair weather for the contest.

Charmian - This character is the principal servant and attendant of...

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