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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 6, after Haemon begs Creon to be courageous, how does Creon respond?
(a) Tells Haemon that he has no choice and must accept his fate.
(b) Tells Haemon to stand up straight and face the world head on.
(c) He walks away.
(d) He breaks down and weeps.

2. In Part 5, what reason does Creon give for making the ruling he did?
(a) His predecessors must tell the gods that he is strong.
(b) His authority had to be respected.
(c) He hated Polynices.
(d) Those standing in line for the crown are only waiting for his moment of weakness.

3. In Part 4, the Chorus says there are four aspects of a tragedy. What is one of those aspects?
(a) Clean and inevitable.
(b) Preening and dispicable.
(c) Dirty and avoidable.
(d) Decidedly dolorous.

4. What are the guards assigned to do in Part 4?
(a) Watch over the king's family.
(b) Watch over Polynices's body.
(c) Keep interlopers out of the courtyard.
(d) Keep asassins out of the castle.

5. When Creon tells Antigone to leave, why does Creon stop her in Part 5?
(a) He wants to tell her that she needs to leave Haemon.
(b) He can see that she is not going to her room.
(c) He thinks that she is going to commit suicide.
(d) He wants to extract a written promise from her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jonas chat with Antigone about in Part 6?

2. In Part 6, what does Creon say about his quarrel with Antigone over Polynices's body?

3. Antigone asks Jonas to do something for her in Part 6. She tells Jonas that she would like this done when?

4. After Haemon's conversation with Creon is over, what does Haemon do?

5. In Part 5, what is the first thing that Creon asks Antigone?

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