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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 4, what does Creon do in response to the guards telling him what Antigone has done?
(a) He grabs her arm angrily.
(b) He gapes in disbelief.
(c) He bribes the guards to keep their mouths shut.
(d) He sends the guards away.

2. How do the guards and Jonas bring Antigone in?
(a) They walk her.
(b) They shove her.
(c) They drag her.
(d) They carry her.

3. What does Creon say he will do if Antigone does what he tells her to do in Part 5?
(a) Keep the truth from Haemon.
(b) Bring her something to eat.
(c) Execute her.
(d) Ensure the guards' silence.

4. In Part 4, how deeply was Polynices's body buried?
(a) Just enough to keep the vultures away.
(b) Six feet deep.
(c) Just his feet and legs were buried.
(d) A dusting of earth was placed over him.

5. After Antigone asks Creon to kill her in a certain way, what does Creon say he wants to do?
(a) Make an example of her.
(b) Save her.
(c) Keep her away from Haemon.
(d) Send her to the afterlife be with her father, mother and brothers.

6. What does Jonas say in response to Creon's accusations in Part 4?
(a) He cowers in terror, saying nothing.
(b) He tells Creon that he is not guilty of deserting his post.
(c) He blames everything on the other guards.
(d) He reminds Creon of his good record.

7. In Part 5, how does Antigone ask Creon to kill her?
(a) Quietly.
(b) Publically.
(c) Quickly.
(d) Humanely.

8. In Part 4, what does Creon say will happen to Jonas if he keeps quiet?
(a) He will keep his job.
(b) He will live.
(c) He will be reassigned, but his fellow guards will be executed.
(d) He will be forgiven.

9. At the end of Part 6, Antigone confesses that she is what?
(a) Wishing her mother was with her.
(b) Sad for Haemon.
(c) Happy to make a sacrifice.
(d) Afraid of dying.

10. What are the guards assigned to do in Part 4?
(a) Keep interlopers out of the courtyard.
(b) Keep asassins out of the castle.
(c) Watch over the king's family.
(d) Watch over Polynices's body.

11. What does the Chorus say the only thing left to do at the end of a tragedy is?
(a) Cry and wail in sorrow.
(b) Shout loudly about what death represents.
(c) Defend the righteous characters.
(d) Divide and conquer.

12. In Part 4, the Chorus says there are four aspects of a tragedy. What is one of those aspects?
(a) Decidedly dolorous.
(b) Preening and dispicable.
(c) Clean and inevitable.
(d) Dirty and avoidable.

13. When Antigone is brought in by the guards, what does she call herself in Part 4?
(a) A seeker of truth.
(b) A daughter of Oedipus.
(c) A seeker of justice.
(d) A dictator.

14. In Part 6, after Haemon begs Creon to be courageous, how does Creon respond?
(a) Tells Haemon to stand up straight and face the world head on.
(b) Tells Haemon that he has no choice and must accept his fate.
(c) He walks away.
(d) He breaks down and weeps.

15. How does Antigone try to convince the guards to let her go?
(a) By using her rank as princess.
(b) By saying that the guards misunderstood her actions.
(c) By begging.
(d) By screaming and crying.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 4, who is Jonas?

2. In Part 6, what has happened to the palace?

3. What instrument was used to throw earth on Polynices's body in Part 4?

4. How does Antigone leave at the very end of Part 6?

5. What is Jonas asking Antigone when the guards burst in?

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