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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Antigone asks Jonas to do something for her in Part 6. She tells Jonas that she would like this done when?
(a) When they take her to be executed.
(b) After Ismene gets to the palace.
(c) Immediately.
(d) After she is dead.

2. Why can't Antigone finish what she is doing with Jonas at the end of Part 6?
(a) She breaks down sobbing.
(b) Jonas stops her.
(c) She becomes confused.
(d) The guards come to take her away.

3. What does Jonas do when Creon tells him what he is going to do to the guards for their lack of awareness in Part 4?
(a) Stands stoically and agrees.
(b) Runs away.
(c) Pleads for his life, saying he has a family.
(d) Remarks on the cruelty of the king.

4. Antigone tells Creon that she knew all along Creon would do what in Part 5?
(a) Cause her and Haemon to break up.
(b) Be a father figure toward her.
(c) Make her angry.
(d) Kill her.

5. In Part 4, the Chorus says there are four aspects of a tragedy. What is one of those aspects?
(a) Clean and inevitable.
(b) Dirty and avoidable.
(c) Decidedly dolorous.
(d) Preening and dispicable.

6. In Part 6, with whom is Antigone left alone?
(a) Ismene.
(b) Jonas.
(c) Haemon.
(d) The Nurse.

7. In Part 6, Antigone begs Creon to do something about the problem in the palace so she can do what?
(a) Escape while he is preoccupied.
(b) Talk to Ismene.
(c) Die in peace.
(d) Talk to Haemon.

8. When Antigone is brought in by the guards, what does she call herself in Part 4?
(a) A dictator.
(b) A seeker of justice.
(c) A seeker of truth.
(d) A daughter of Oedipus.

9. In Part 4, the Chorus says there are four aspects of a tragedy. What is one of those aspects?
(a) Broken relationships will inevitably follow.
(b) There is no comic relief to be found.
(c) The characters must all die at the end.
(d) The characters must surrender to the will of fate.

10. What does the Chorus remind Creon about Antigone in Part 6?
(a) She is just a child.
(b) She is loyal to her family.
(c) Her sister needs her since the rest of the family is dead.
(d) She has a point.

11. What is distinctive about the item Antigone uses to bury Polynices?
(a) It was part of a bottle Polynices carried with him.
(b) It was under Polynices's body.
(c) He used to play with it as a child.
(d) It was part of the box Eteocles was buried in.

12. In Part 5, for whom does Antigone say she must bury Polynices?
(a) Her entire family, living and dead.
(b) Herself.
(c) Her sister.
(d) Her father.

13. What does Creon say he is going to do in Part 4 in response to Polynices's body being covered?
(a) Double the guard detail.
(b) Have the guards shoot to kill.
(c) Leave the body out in the open while the guards hide to see who the perpetrator is.
(d) Change nothing.

14. In Part 5, Creon explodes into a long speech and tells Antigone that she is just like who?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Her father.
(c) Her cousin.
(d) Her brothers.

15. In Part 5, how does Antigone ask Creon to kill her?
(a) Quietly.
(b) Quickly.
(c) Publically.
(d) Humanely.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 5, what reason does Creon give for making the ruling he did?

2. After Antigone asks Creon to kill her in a certain way, what does Creon say he wants to do?

3. What instrument was used to throw earth on Polynices's body in Part 4?

4. After Haemon's conversation with Creon is over, what does Haemon do?

5. In Part 4, the Chorus says there are four aspects of a tragedy. What is one of those aspects?

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