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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Creon's former occupation?
(a) Blacksmith.
(b) Chief advisor to the king.
(c) King of Thebes.
(d) Servant to the king's advisor.

2. How is Haemon related to Antigone?
(a) He is her sister's fiance.
(b) They have no connection.
(c) He is her fiance.
(d) He is her brother.

3. What does Antigone do when she is confronted in Part 2?
(a) Openly admits where she was.
(b) Hints that the person who confonted her is correct.
(c) Falls to the floor weeping.
(d) Denies all accusations.

4. What is Antigone carrying in the beginning of Part 2?
(a) Her suitcase.
(b) A large knife.
(c) Her shoes.
(d) The weight of the world.

5. What is Ismene doing in Part 1 when she is introduced?
(a) Pretending she is alone.
(b) Asking Creon to accept her as a courtesan.
(c) Laughing and chatting with Haemon.
(d) Lamenting her eventual fate.

6. Ismene tells Antigone that she should __________ Polynices like Polynices ____________ them.
(a) Bond with; bonded with.
(b) Watch; watched.
(c) Forget; forgot.
(d) Love; loved.

7. In Part 3, Antigone tells Ismene that it is too ___________.
(a) Late.
(b) Long.
(c) Early.
(d) Much work.

8. What is Creon's wife doing when she is introduced?
(a) Knitting.
(b) Practicing her lines.
(c) Brushing her daughter's hair.
(d) Looking for her husband's socks.

9. Who are Eteocles and Polynices?
(a) All answers are correct.
(b) Antigone's brothers.
(c) Sons of King Oedipus.
(d) Men named as rulers of Thebes.

10. Polynices is Ismene's ______________.
(a) Lover.
(b) Father.
(c) Brother.
(d) Cousin.

11. In Part 2, who does Ismene say dies for ideas?
(a) The foolhardy.
(b) The cowards.
(c) The brave.
(d) Men.

12. In Part 3, as Nurse is wondering what is wrong with Antigone, who enters the room?
(a) Haemon.
(b) Creon.
(c) Ismene.
(d) Polynices.

13. What does Prologue explain after the characters are introduced in Part 1?
(a) Some of the situations the characters will soon face.
(b) Some of the play's background.
(c) The author's intent in writing the play.
(d) The reason the introductions are so detailed.

14. In Part 3, after Antigone explains everything to Haemon, what does she tell him is the only thing he can do to show her that he loves her?
(a) Give her the money she needs.
(b) Commit suicide.
(c) Marry her right away.
(d) Leave.

15. What does Antigone ask Haemon after her apology in Part 3?
(a) If he loves her.
(b) If he wants a dog.
(c) If he wants to marry someone else.
(d) If he knows her favorite color.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 2, for what does the Nurse chastise Antigone and Ismene?

2. How is Antigone described in Part 1?

3. What is Antigone's nickname for the Nurse?

4. What is the name of Antigone's dog?

5. When Haemon enters, what does the Nurse do?

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