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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 6, what does the Chorus try to convince Creon to do?
(a) Put Antigone to death immediately
(b) Let Antigone off with a warning.
(c) Abdicate the crown.
(d) Let Antigone live.

2. In Part 6, the Chorus tells Creon that Haemon has been what?
(a) Turned into an enemy.
(b) Mortally wounded.
(c) Cut to the bone by his cruelty.
(d) Betrayed by his father.

3. What does Creon say he will do if Antigone does what he tells her to do in Part 5?
(a) Keep the truth from Haemon.
(b) Execute her.
(c) Ensure the guards' silence.
(d) Bring her something to eat.

4. Who is the youth alone on the other side of the stage?
(a) The Messenger.
(b) The Ignominious One.
(c) The Fiance.
(d) The Page Boy.

5. What does Antigone do in response to Creon's promise in Part 5?
(a) She tells him that it doesn't matter because she will just do it again.
(b) She tells him that she is not hungry.
(c) She turns her back on him.
(d) She begins to cry.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 2, what does Antigone say that she is not?

2. What is the punishment for not following the king's orders about Polynices's body?

3. In Part 4, what does the heat of the sun do?

4. Why can't Antigone finish what she is doing with Jonas at the end of Part 6?

5. When Creon's wife is introduced, it is said that she will continue her task until what?

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