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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Creon's wife is introduced, it is said that she will continue her task until what?
(a) She finds the socks.
(b) It is her turn to kill herself.
(c) The bell tolls.
(d) She hears her husband's call.

2. In Part 6, Creon tells Haemon that sooner or later, every man must accept what?
(a) That his future is cut in stone.
(b) That the woman he loves may be deceptive.
(c) That fate holds the key, and there is nothing he can do to change it.
(d) That his childhood is over.

3. While the guards are discussing Antigone's capture, what does she ask of them?
(a) If she can sit down.
(b) If they will let her go.
(c) If she can speak with Ismene.
(d) If she will suffer.

4. What does Antigone say wards off evil in Part 2?
(a) Her lucky charm.
(b) Her sister's love.
(c) The Nurse's hands.
(d) Her mother's cross.

5. What does the Chorus remind Creon about Antigone in Part 6?
(a) She has a point.
(b) She is loyal to her family.
(c) Her sister needs her since the rest of the family is dead.
(d) She is just a child.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Creon's occupation?

2. Antigone tells Creon that she knew all along Creon would do what in Part 5?

3. In Part 5, what does Creon say about Polynices and Eteocles?

4. When the characters are introduced in Part 1, their basic characteristics are given. What else is revealed about these characters?

5. Why is Jonas reluctant to do what Antigone asks of him?

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