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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Chorus say the only thing left to do at the end of a tragedy is?
(a) Shout loudly about what death represents.
(b) Defend the righteous characters.
(c) Cry and wail in sorrow.
(d) Divide and conquer.

2. What does Creon say he is going to do in Part 4 in response to Polynices's body being covered?
(a) Have the guards shoot to kill.
(b) Change nothing.
(c) Double the guard detail.
(d) Leave the body out in the open while the guards hide to see who the perpetrator is.

3. What do the guards wonder after they apprehend Antigone?
(a) If there will be a reward.
(b) If they will now escape punishment.
(c) What will happen to their wives.
(d) Why Antigone did what she did.

4. In Part 6, Creon tells Haemon that sooner or later, every man must accept what?
(a) That his childhood is over.
(b) That fate holds the key, and there is nothing he can do to change it.
(c) That his future is cut in stone.
(d) That the woman he loves may be deceptive.

5. In Part 2, for what does the Nurse chastise Antigone and Ismene?
(a) For not respecting her.
(b) For making too much noise.
(c) For not having any common sense.
(d) For rising so early.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Antigone leave at the very end of Part 6?

2. What is Jonas asking Antigone when the guards burst in?

3. How does Antigone try to convince the guards to let her go?

4. Antigone asks Jonas to do something for her in Part 6. She tells Jonas that she would like this done when?

5. What does Antigone feel like when the person who confronts her gets frustrated in Part 2?

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