Antigone Character Descriptions

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Antigone - This character is the protagonist who is driven by fate.

Choir/Chorus - These characters introduce the characters as players in a play, thus deflating the illusion of theater because the ending is revealed from the first.

Creon - Tired and careworn with the heavy affairs of state, this character issues an edict against burying Polynices.

Guard - This character fails in its vigilance over the dead body of Polynices.

Haemon - This character loves the protagonist and proposes.

Ismene - This character is the protagonist's physically appealing sibling.

Messenger - This character is charged with delivering a grave message and is preoccupied while waiting for the play to start.

Nurse - Referred to as an old, wrinkled apple, this character is loving and loyal throughout.

The Page - This character is a young assistant who mindlessly keeps track of the king's duties.

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