Antigone Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

* An introductory stage direction informs the reader that the play's setting has no geographical or historical implications.

* The characters are on stage.

* A character named Prologue introduces the other characters, describing some of their basic characteristics and eventual fates.

* Antigone is dark and thin, sitting by herself and wishing she didn't have to die soon.

* Ismene is Antigones sister. She is a happy girl and she is laughing and chatting with another character.

* Haemon is the character with whom Ismene is laughing and chatting. He is Antigone's fiance.

* Creon is Haemon's father, who has just been crowned King of Thebes.

* Creon was once the chief advisor to King Oedipus.

* Eteocles and Polynices were Oedipus's heirs. They end up killing each other.

* Creon was named king after the sons killed each other.

* Creon ordered that Eteocles would be given a elaborate funeral. He ordered Polynices's body to be...

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