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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the relationship that Haemon has with Antigone, according to the play?
(a) He is her son
(b) He is her cousin
(c) He is her brother
(d) He is her fiance

2. If you are to be weak in your allegiances, Creon says, make it to a ____________.
(a) Sentry
(b) Man
(c) Woman
(d) God

3. Creon believes that Antigone deserves nothing more than to find a husband in __________ after what she has done.
(a) Spain
(b) Heaven
(c) Rome
(d) Hell

4. Who was with Antigone in the tomb when Creon showed up to let her go?
(a) Haemon
(b) The prophet
(c) Ismene
(d) Eurydice

5. The Chorus notes that even the powerful are not immune to ___________, as the wife could not let go of her sadness
(a) Fear
(b) Pain
(c) Happiness
(d) Grief

Short Answer Questions

1. Creon realizes that the tragedy is surely punishment from _________ and the pain is immeasurable.

2. What is Antigone's sentence as handed down by Creon as a result of her actions in burying the body?

3. The Messenger understands that the queen's _____________ might be too great for public display.

4. Even though Creon believes himself to be right, he will not fight _____________.

5. Haemon shares with Creon that the people see Antigone as ____________ for the actions she has taken.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Creon believe he will be seen as even more powerful than he is now?

2. What does Creon pity in some men after talking with Haemon about their relationship?

3. What does Antigone ask all to see her as when she is standing in front of everyone?

4. What does this ode praise within the story and within the story of mankind as a whole?

5. What happened in the tomb of Antigone after Creon buried Polyneices properly?

6. What does Antigone believe plagues her and all her family from the grave?

7. When did Teiresias make an offering to the gods, he tells Creon, that was then refused?

8. What does Haemon come to say to his father, Creon, when he learns about Antigone?

9. Who is the goddess of love and of beauty who the Chorus thinks also enjoys watching the foolishness of man?

10. What does the Chorus lament in relation to Antigone's story and to the story of the princess?

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