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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the focus of this ode in the play? What theme is being discussed during this section?
(a) War
(b) Friendship
(c) Love
(d) Pride

2. Why was the princess to which Antigone is compared locked up in a prison during the play?
(a) Burying her sister
(b) A murder
(c) Defying the king
(d) A prophesy

3. What is the handicap of Teiresias, the prophet, who comes to speak to Creon during the play?
(a) Deaf
(b) Mute
(c) One leg
(d) Blind

4. The goddesses that King Lycurgus offended were NOT the goddesses who looked over ______________.
(a) Mathematics
(b) Sciences
(c) Literature
(d) Arts

5. The Chorus notes that even the powerful are not immune to ___________, as the wife could not let go of her sadness
(a) Fear
(b) Pain
(c) Happiness
(d) Grief

Short Answer Questions

1. The prophet tells Creon he has kept Polyneices from ____________ and buried Antigone alive.

2. Who is commiserating about the dominion of fate at the start of this final scene?

3. What did the king discover about Antigone when he went to her vault where she was imprisoned?

4. Whose arrival does Choragos announce at the beginning of the scene in the play?

5. Haemon points out to his father that the citizens of the city do not see Antigone as a ______________.

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