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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did the king imprison in a story the Chorus relates about the idea of jealousy?
(a) His mother
(b) His son
(c) His first wife
(d) His daughter

2. The prophet tells Creon to _______________ and to rescind his proclamation.
(a) Get over himself
(b) Dig up Eteocles
(c) Step down from power
(d) Bury Polyneices

3. The Chorus assures Antigone in her situation that she will have a peaceful ___________.
(a) Family
(b) Afterlife
(c) History
(d) Death

4. Antigone asks that all see her as a woman about to die, a woman who will never ____________.
(a) Laugh again
(b) See her sister again
(c) Marry
(d) Live

5. What did the king discover about Antigone when he went to her vault where she was imprisoned?
(a) She hanged herself
(b) She had escaped
(c) She was asleep
(d) She was alive

6. Where is Antigone led to after she has been given her sentence by Creon, the King?
(a) A platform
(b) The vault
(c) The fields
(d) The bathroom

7. What is the relationship that Haemon has with Antigone, according to the play?
(a) He is her brother
(b) He is her son
(c) He is her cousin
(d) He is her fiance

8. Haemon insists that all men can learn from any who can ____________, when talking to his father.
(a) Love
(b) Teach
(c) Reason
(d) Grow

9. Haemon responds to Creon that his __________ is his guide and no marriage is worth losing that.
(a) God
(b) Heart
(c) Father
(d) Mother

10. What happened to the offering that the prophet made to the gods after the prophet heard strange sounds?
(a) It disappeared
(b) It was refused
(c) It was given back to him as an offering
(d) It was accepted

11. Who is the Greek goddess of love and of beauty, according to history and to the Chorus?
(a) Helen of Troy
(b) Venus
(c) Aphrodite
(d) Hera

12. The Chorus compares Antigone to ___________, a princess who was imprisoned for an act she might commit.
(a) Danae
(b) Hecate
(c) Niobe
(d) Hera

13. Who leads Teiresias into the court in order to see the King Creon and tell him some news during the play?
(a) Sentry
(b) A boy
(c) Messenger
(d) Ismene

14. Haemon tells Creon, "It is not __________ never to yield to reason!" within their discussion of Antigone.
(a) Reason
(b) Fair
(c) Possible
(d) Difficult

15. What is not one of the things that Antigone reminds the people of when she addresses the people of Thebes?
(a) Her beauty
(b) Her royal ancestry
(c) Her suffering
(d) Her innocence

Short Answer Questions

1. The Greek goddess of love much enjoys watching men's foolishness when it comes to ___________.

2. Who goes to free Antigone and to bury Polyneices as the prophet said should be done?

3. The Messenger understands that the queen's _____________ might be too great for public display.

4. Who does the Messenger now call a walking dead man during the first part of this scene during the play?

5. If you are to be weak in your allegiances, Creon says, make it to a ____________.

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