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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Chorus in this scene is a group of singers and dancers who are meant to represent the _____________.
(a) Fates
(b) Conscience of Creon
(c) Common man
(d) Mind of Antigone

2. What is the punishment for burying the body of the soldier in defiance of the decree during the play?
(a) Hanging
(b) Poisoning
(c) Stoning
(d) Firing squad

3. Thou, a ruler to whom ____________ brings not old age, dwellest in the dazzling splendour of Olympus.
(a) Temptation
(b) Time
(c) Night
(d) Peace

4. Creon sees the rights of the _____________ as different for those who are good and those who are wicked.
(a) Living
(b) Dead
(c) Faithful
(d) Warriors

5. Creon realizes he still needs to prove his worth to the people as a _____________.
(a) Leader
(b) Judge
(c) Friend
(d) Fighter

6. Antigone claims she will be ready to face a/an _____________ death if she is caught in her actions.
(a) Honorable
(b) Painful
(c) Easy
(d) Quick

7. Man is considered to be the one who has ____________ animals, according to the content of the ode.
(a) Eaten
(b) Tamed
(c) Killed
(d) Named all

8. The Chorus in this ode goes on about the greatness of ___________ when they speak to the audience.
(a) Truth
(b) Man
(c) Blood
(d) Power

9. Who is Choragos trying to get more active support from, pleading for this support as the Chorus would?
(a) Younger residents
(b) Surrounding cities
(c) Women
(d) Older men

10. The ode implies that the woes of Antigone are directly related to her _____________, Oedipus.
(a) Cousin
(b) Son
(c) Prophet
(d) Father

11. Creon believes that because of Antigone's stubbornness, she will inevitably __________.
(a) Break
(b) Win
(c) Get her way
(d) Learn

12. The Chorus celebrates the slaying of the two men to be the ultimate __________ victory.
(a) Moral
(b) Theban
(c) Roman
(d) Religious

13. What is the new tone of this group of citizens that is now speaking to the audience?
(a) Happiness
(b) Compassion
(c) Hatred
(d) Fear

14. But some god strikes them down, and the race hath no __________________, according to the Chorus.
(a) Peace
(b) Prosperity
(c) Deliverance
(d) Ending

15. What is the relationship between Antigone and Ismene, the two women at the start of the story?
(a) Cousins
(b) Sisters
(c) Lovers
(d) Friends

Short Answer Questions

1. Creon understands the problems of ______, yet elicits duty from them in their support of his decree.

2. What is the other name for God that is used by the Chorus in this scene of the play and throughout the play?

3. Creon shares that he will not show any ___________ in his rule nor will he patronize anyone.

4. Antigone states that Creon's law will never be __________ law, which is the law Antigone believes is important.

5. Creon is concerned about the people and their worries about having a ____________.

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