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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Creon sees the rights of the _____________ as different for those who are good and those who are wicked.
(a) Dead
(b) Warriors
(c) Faithful
(d) Living

2. Antigone claims she will be ready to face a/an _____________ death if she is caught in her actions.
(a) Honorable
(b) Easy
(c) Quick
(d) Painful

3. Man is held in _________ for his stamina and his spirit, no matter what other things he might do.
(a) Rage
(b) Awe
(c) Contempt
(d) Fear

4. Where does the Chorus state that Polyneices came from when he entered into battle?
(a) Thebes
(b) Argos
(c) Sicily
(d) Rome

5. What happened at midday when the guards were watching the body that was not supposed to be buried?
(a) It grew dark
(b) A fog rolled in
(c) It began to storm
(d) The sun began to shine brighter

6. How does Antigone respond when she is questioned by King Creon about her actions?
(a) She says nothing
(b) She denies nothing
(c) She blames Ismene
(d) She denies everything

7. Creon says that Ismene should also be put to death as she is guilty of ____________ in the burial.
(a) Planning
(b) Distraction
(c) Helping
(d) Complicity

8. What does Ismene swear to Antigone when she hears of Antigone's decision to act?
(a) That she will not support her
(b) Secrecy
(c) That she will help her
(d) To tell Creon

9. Antigone knows that the men will praise her for burying her brother, but fear of ________ keeps their mouths shut.
(a) God
(b) Zeus
(c) Creon
(d) Her

10. What is not one of the animals that the Chorus notes that man can tame or master?
(a) Beast
(b) Bull
(c) Horse
(d) Fish

11. _____________ are many, and none is more important than man.
(a) Disciples
(b) Wonders
(c) Animals
(d) Creations

12. What is believed to be on Ismene and Antigone as a result of Oedipus and Jocasta's actions?
(a) Genetic disease
(b) Blessing
(c) Curse
(d) A burden of making things right

13. Creon sees his job as for the general _____________ over personal alliances and over personal friendships.
(a) Good
(b) Military
(c) Peace
(d) Riches

14. Thou, a ruler to whom ____________ brings not old age, dwellest in the dazzling splendour of Olympus.
(a) Time
(b) Night
(c) Peace
(d) Temptation

15. Man also is the one who protects himself from the ____________, according to the content of the ode.
(a) Animals
(b) Elements
(c) Truth
(d) Lies

Short Answer Questions

1. Eventually those who are evil will have to face truth and ______________ for their deeds.

2. Who returns to talk to Creon after he has been yelled at and threatened by Creon for speaking with him before?

3. What did the person who tried to bury the body use in order to start to cover Polyneices up?

4. The Chorus in this scene is a group of singers and dancers who are meant to represent the _____________.

5. The two men of cruel fate were born of one _____________ and one mother, according to the Chorus.

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