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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Man turns the soil of the land with the offspring of ____________, according to the ode.
(a) Horses
(b) Cows
(c) Man
(d) Fish

2. What did Oedipus do when he realized the incestuous affair that took place with Jocasta?
(a) Try to kill Antigone
(b) Blind himself
(c) Try to kill Jocasta
(d) Kill himself

3. That _______, in turn, in brought low -- by the blood-stained dust die to the gods infernal.
(a) Justice
(b) Truth
(c) Hope
(d) Peace

4. Creon shouts that the gods do not favor the ________ such as Polyneices who show them disrespect.
(a) Wicked
(b) Warriors
(c) Rebels
(d) Bastards

5. The Chorus notes that even in evil doings, man can be ___________, but there are consequences to these actions.
(a) Happy
(b) Angry
(c) Sad
(d) Swayed

6. Who is afraid of Creon's wrath and of breaking the law, even though it would be an honorable action?
(a) Creon
(b) Ismene
(c) Haemon
(d) Antigone

7. Creon realizes he still needs to prove his worth to the people as a _____________.
(a) Friend
(b) Leader
(c) Fighter
(d) Judge

8. Who is the leader of the group who is telling the story within this section of the play?
(a) Creon
(b) Choragos
(c) Antigone
(d) Haemon

9. What does Antigone throw back in Ismene's face when Ismene says she will be silent about the actions?
(a) Her false promises
(b) Her cowardice
(c) Her bloodline
(d) Her incestuous relationship with her brother

10. Polyneices led the attack on his _____________ during that final battle before the play starts.
(a) Father
(b) Father's grave
(c) Sister's home
(d) Own home

11. What did the guards do in order to determine who would deliver the news to Creon?
(a) Threw dice
(b) Drew straws
(c) Wrestled
(d) Drew swords

12. _________ supported the Thebans as he does not support the proud, like Polyneices and his army.
(a) Creon
(b) Haemon
(c) God
(d) Eteocles

13. The two men of cruel fate were born of one _____________ and one mother, according to the Chorus.
(a) God
(b) Father
(c) Evil
(d) Sire

14. Creon argues that ______________ would be insulted that Antigone decided to bury the body of Polyneices.
(a) Oedipus
(b) Ismene
(c) Eteocles
(d) Polyneices

15. What was Antigone doing to the body of her brother when the guards rushed up to stop her?
(a) Nothing
(b) Anointing it
(c) Singing to it
(d) Burning it

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the color of the shield of Polyneices, according to the Chorus in this scene?

2. What does Ismene swear to Antigone when she hears of Antigone's decision to act?

3. And through the future, near and far, as through the past, shall this ___________ hold good.

4. How does Antigone respond when she is questioned by King Creon about her actions?

5. Who killed herself when she realized the incestuous relationship had taken place?

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