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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the new tone of this group of citizens that is now speaking to the audience?
(a) Compassion
(b) Fear
(c) Happiness
(d) Hatred

2. What is not one of the animals that the Chorus notes that man can tame or master?
(a) Fish
(b) Bull
(c) Horse
(d) Beast

3. Antigone reminds Ismene of family __________ when she tries to reason with her about her actions.
(a) Loyalty
(b) Punishments
(c) History
(d) Blood

4. Creon sees his job as for the general _____________ over personal alliances and over personal friendships.
(a) Peace
(b) Military
(c) Riches
(d) Good

5. What is the relationship between Polyneices and Antigone in this play?
(a) Nephew and Aunt
(b) Brother and sister
(c) Son and mother
(d) Cousins

6. Polyneices led the attack on his _____________ during that final battle before the play starts.
(a) Sister's home
(b) Father
(c) Father's grave
(d) Own home

7. Creon gives ____________ to anyone who contradicts the king's wishes concerning the burial during the play.
(a) More taxes
(b) Blessings
(c) Poison
(d) No support

8. How many gates does Thebes have, according to the Chorus in this scene?
(a) Six
(b) Seven
(c) Two
(d) Ten

9. Who was the captive of the Sentry, the person for which the Sentry was responsible during the play?
(a) Ismene
(b) Eteocles
(c) Haemon
(d) Antigone

10. Thy power, O __________, what human trespass can limit? - the Chorus in this ode during the play.
(a) Oedipus
(b) Antigone
(c) Zeus
(d) Creon

11. _____________ are many, and none is more important than man.
(a) Animals
(b) Wonders
(c) Disciples
(d) Creations

12. Whose body is to be left out to be pecked and torn apart, without a proper military burial?
(a) Ismene
(b) Polyneices
(c) Eteocles
(d) Antigone

13. What did the guards do in order to determine who would deliver the news to Creon?
(a) Wrestled
(b) Drew straws
(c) Threw dice
(d) Drew swords

14. Creon believes that because of Antigone's stubbornness, she will inevitably __________.
(a) Win
(b) Get her way
(c) Break
(d) Learn

15. That _______, in turn, in brought low -- by the blood-stained dust die to the gods infernal.
(a) Truth
(b) Peace
(c) Hope
(d) Justice

Short Answer Questions

1. The ode implies that the woes of Antigone are directly related to her _____________, Oedipus.

2. At what time of day does the story taking place in the play begin?

3. What did Oedipus do when he realized the incestuous affair that took place with Jocasta?

4. Eteocles fought for Thebes and thus he will receive a ___________________ after his death.

5. For that hope whose wanderings are so __________ is to many men a comfort, according to the Chorus.

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