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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Exodus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Eteocles fought for Thebes and thus he will receive a ___________________ after his death.
(a) Full military burial
(b) Pension for his family
(c) Book
(d) Statue in his memory

2. Who was cursing Creon in their final moments on earth before they killed themselves?
(a) Ismene
(b) Choragos
(c) Antigone
(d) Eurydice

3. Why was the princess to which Antigone is compared locked up in a prison during the play?
(a) Burying her sister
(b) A murder
(c) Defying the king
(d) A prophesy

4. Creon lets the people know that his position is __________ ordained and thus he is the rightful heir.
(a) Parentally
(b) Earthly
(c) Divinely
(d) Personally

5. What does Antigone throw back in Ismene's face when Ismene says she will be silent about the actions?
(a) Her bloodline
(b) Her incestuous relationship with her brother
(c) Her false promises
(d) Her cowardice

Short Answer Questions

1. Who answered the battle cry of Polyneices in the battle where he finally lost his life?

2. Where is Antigone led to after she has been given her sentence by Creon, the King?

3. What kind of image is used to show the wrath that is passed on to future generations?

4. How does Creon describe Antigone after she calls him a fool during her interrogation?

5. Haemon insists that all men can learn from any who can ____________, when talking to his father.

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