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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Exodus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The ode implies that the woes of Antigone are directly related to her _____________, Oedipus.
(a) Father
(b) Prophet
(c) Cousin
(d) Son

2. Creon understands the problems of ______, yet elicits duty from them in their support of his decree.
(a) Warriors
(b) Men
(c) Age
(d) Women

3. What kind of image is used to show the wrath that is passed on to future generations?
(a) Earth
(b) Fire
(c) Water
(d) Air

4. When talking to Haemon, Creon insists that ____________ has no right to tell him how to rule.
(a) Haemon
(b) The Chorus
(c) The city
(d) The God

5. The prophet goes on to tell Creon that he will be paid back _________________.
(a) Ten times fold
(b) With great poverty
(c) With a war to end all wars
(d) Corpse for corpse

Short Answer Questions

1. Who informs the audience of the previous battle during this scene of the play?

2. Love keepest the vigil on the soft cheek of a ____________, according to the Chorus in this section during the play.

3. For that hope whose wanderings are so __________ is to many men a comfort, according to the Chorus.

4. What did the guards do in order to determine who would deliver the news to Creon?

5. Haemon shares with Creon that the people see Antigone as ____________ for the actions she has taken.

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