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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ode 4 (Fourth Stasimon).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Greek goddess of love much enjoys watching men's foolishness when it comes to ___________.
(a) Love
(b) War
(c) Family
(d) Marriage

2. Haemon insists that all men can learn from any who can ____________, when talking to his father.
(a) Teach
(b) Reason
(c) Grow
(d) Love

3. Antigone claims she will be ready to face a/an _____________ death if she is caught in her actions.
(a) Easy
(b) Quick
(c) Painful
(d) Honorable

4. Antigone asks that all see her as a woman about to die, a woman who will never ____________.
(a) Laugh again
(b) Live
(c) See her sister again
(d) Marry

5. Creon says that Ismene should also be put to death as she is guilty of ____________ in the burial.
(a) Distraction
(b) Planning
(c) Helping
(d) Complicity

Short Answer Questions

1. What army decided to attack Thebes, though they were driven back during their efforts during the play?

2. _____________ are many, and none is more important than man.

3. What is the relationship between Antigone and Ismene, the two women at the start of the story?

4. Creon shares that he will not show any ___________ in his rule nor will he patronize anyone.

5. Who is the Greek goddess of love and of beauty, according to history and to the Chorus?

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