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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 2 (Second Episode).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What army decided to attack Thebes, though they were driven back during their efforts during the play?
(a) Greek
(b) Roman
(c) Italian
(d) Argive

2. What else does the Chorus remind the audience that man is strong in?
(a) Wit
(b) Love
(c) Riches
(d) Friendship

3. What did Oedipus do when he realized the incestuous affair that took place with Jocasta?
(a) Kill himself
(b) Try to kill Jocasta
(c) Try to kill Antigone
(d) Blind himself

4. Ismene feels powerless as a __________ at the start of the story, in addition to her family background.
(a) Sister
(b) Mother
(c) Woman
(d) Queen

5. What were Polyneices' jaws filled with, according to the speeches of the Chorus in this scene?
(a) Goats
(b) Our gore
(c) Fire
(d) Swords

Short Answer Questions

1. Man turns the soil of the land with the offspring of ____________, according to the ode.

2. How many captains were at the gates and were matched again during the battle?

3. Choragos speaks for the Chorus as ___________, pleading for more active support from others in the city during the play.

4. Antigone claims she will be ready to face a/an _____________ death if she is caught in her actions.

5. Whose decree proclaims that the body of the fallen man is not to be buried by anyone under punishment of death?

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