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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Exodus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the focus of this ode in the play? What theme is being discussed during this section?
(a) Friendship
(b) Pride
(c) War
(d) Love

2. And _________, the eldest of the gods, the immortal, the unwearied, doth he wear...
(a) Earth
(b) Creon
(c) The Moon
(d) Zeus

3. Creon is concerned about the people and their worries about having a ____________.
(a) War
(b) Public hanging
(c) New leader
(d) Public stoning

4. What did the guards do in order to determine who would deliver the news to Creon?
(a) Drew swords
(b) Wrestled
(c) Threw dice
(d) Drew straws

5. What did Antigone sprinkle over the body of her brother after the winds picked up at midday?
(a) Clay
(b) Dust
(c) Wax
(d) Flowers

Short Answer Questions

1. The goddesses that King Lycurgus offended were NOT the goddesses who looked over ______________.

2. Ismene tries to uphold __________ law and does not believe anyone should oppose it during the play.

3. The Chorus celebrates the slaying of the two men to be the ultimate __________ victory.

4. What does the Sentry say that Creon should do with Antigone now that she is before him?

5. Creon is told by ______________ that trees and ships yield to the destructive nature of floods.

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