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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ode 4 (Fourth Stasimon).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Chorus in this scene is a group of singers and dancers who are meant to represent the _____________.
(a) Conscience of Creon
(b) Common man
(c) Mind of Antigone
(d) Fates

2. What was Antigone doing to the body of her brother when the guards rushed up to stop her?
(a) Burning it
(b) Nothing
(c) Anointing it
(d) Singing to it

3. Creon believes he will be seen as stronger for refusing to yield to showing ______________ with Antigone.
(a) Anger
(b) Patience
(c) Mercy
(d) Gratitude

4. Creon says that Ismene should also be put to death as she is guilty of ____________ in the burial.
(a) Helping
(b) Planning
(c) Distraction
(d) Complicity

5. How does Antigone respond when she is questioned by King Creon about her actions?
(a) She denies nothing
(b) She blames Ismene
(c) She says nothing
(d) She denies everything

Short Answer Questions

1. For that hope whose wanderings are so __________ is to many men a comfort, according to the Chorus.

2. Who was the son supposed to kill as a result of a prophesy that was given?

3. Man turns the soil of the land with the offspring of ____________, according to the ode.

4. The ode implies that the woes of Antigone are directly related to her _____________, Oedipus.

5. The Chorus notes that even the powerful are not immune to ___________, as the wife could not let go of her sadness

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