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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 3 (Third Episode).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The ode also points out that ___________ wrath is passed on to future generations, as seen with Antigone.
(a) Creon's
(b) The world's
(c) God's
(d) A woman's

2. What did the guards do in order to determine who would deliver the news to Creon?
(a) Drew straws
(b) Wrestled
(c) Threw dice
(d) Drew swords

3. The two men of cruel fate were born of one _____________ and one mother, according to the Chorus.
(a) God
(b) Father
(c) Evil
(d) Sire

4. Creon shares that he will not show any ___________ in his rule nor will he patronize anyone.
(a) Contentment
(b) Fear
(c) Mercy
(d) Peace

5. Creon believes that Antigone would have been trouble for Haemon both in and out of _________.
(a) His sight
(b) The war
(c) Their home
(d) Bed

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose arrival does Choragos announce at the beginning of the scene in the play?

2. Who answered the battle cry of Polyneices in the battle where he finally lost his life?

3. What is the color of the shield of Polyneices, according to the Chorus in this scene?

4. Creon realizes he still needs to prove his worth to the people as a _____________.

5. What kind of image is used to show the wrath that is passed on to future generations?

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