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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 4 (Fourth Episode).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Chorus notes that even in evil doings, man can be ___________, but there are consequences to these actions.
(a) Happy
(b) Sad
(c) Swayed
(d) Angry

2. What is the new tone of this group of citizens that is now speaking to the audience?
(a) Compassion
(b) Happiness
(c) Fear
(d) Hatred

3. Thy power, O __________, what human trespass can limit? - the Chorus in this ode during the play.
(a) Zeus
(b) Antigone
(c) Oedipus
(d) Creon

4. What is not one of the things that Antigone reminds the people of when she addresses the people of Thebes?
(a) Her royal ancestry
(b) Her innocence
(c) Her suffering
(d) Her beauty

5. Antigone compares her emotional state to that of the former queen of Thebes, _____________.
(a) Aphrodite
(b) Hecate
(c) Hera
(d) Niobe

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Choragos no longer able to distance himself from when Antigone arrives in the room?

2. Antigone asks that all see her as a woman about to die, a woman who will never ____________.

3. Creon is concerned about the people and their worries about having a ____________.

4. The ode implies that the woes of Antigone are directly related to her _____________, Oedipus.

5. The ___________ accuse each other of being the one who buried the body illegally during the play.

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