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Thebes - This city is located northwest of Athens, once ruled by Oedipus.

Colonus - This is the location of Oedipus' death. A place in the Greek city-state of Athens, it is a quiet suburb of the main city.

Body (of Polyneices) - This is identity of the corpse slain in battle outside of Thebes.

Decree (of Creon) - This is given by the ruler and Antigone is supposed to obey this in order to avoid a death sentence, but the older sister doesn't listen.

Zeus - This is the king of all gods. He rules the Heavens.

Danae - This is the mother of the Greek hero Perseus who experienced much suffering. The Chorus compares her fate to that of Antigone.

Phineus - This is an ancient prophet whose wife blinded his two sons.

Fate - This is an uncontrollable divine force that predetermines future events...

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