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This city is located northwest of Athens, once ruled by Oedipus.


This is the location of Oedipus' death. A place in the Greek city-state of Athens, it is a quiet suburb of the main city.

Body (of Polyneices)

This is identity of the corpse slain in battle outside of Thebes.

Decree (of Creon)

This is given by the ruler and Antigone is supposed to obey this in order to avoid a death sentence, but the older sister doesn't listen.


This is the king of all gods. He rules the Heavens.


This is the mother of the Greek hero Perseus who experienced much suffering. The Chorus compares her fate to that of Antigone.


This is an ancient prophet whose wife blinded his two sons.


This is an uncontrollable divine force that predetermines future events.

Seven armies

These were mustered together from Argos by...

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