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• Antigone and Ismene commiserate about the brothers they lost in the war.

• Antigone learns her brother will not get a proper burial.

• There is a decree that anyone who disobeys the burial law will be stoned to death.

• Antigone decides to bury her brother anyway.

• Antigone goes against the wishes of her sister.


• The Chorus tells the audience about the battle.

• Polyneices led the attack on his own home.

• Polyneices and Eteocles slew each other.

Scene 1 (First Episode)

• Creon addresses the people, represented in the Chorus.

• Creon notes that loyalty must be earned.

• Since Eteocles fought for Thebes, he will get a proper burial.

• A sentry tells Creon someone tried to bury the body with loose dirt.

Ode 1 (First Stasimon)

• The Chorus praises the greatness of man.

• The Chorus does not condone anarchy or entertainment of such thoughts.

Scene 2 (Second Episode)

• The sentry informs Choragos that...

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