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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Two cowboys agree that it takes _____________ to get a day started well.
(a) cigarettes.
(b) coffee.
(c) orange juice.
(d) masturbation.

2. Jones later has a dream that he and Kate are ____________________.
(a) going on safari.
(b) flying in a plane.
(c) walking on a beach.
(d) skiing down a mountain.

3. Why does Miss Self decide to break company rules and send Jones on the Appleton assignment?
(a) She will get a large fee.
(b) She is going to fire Jones afterward.
(c) She will get referrals.
(d) She will do whatever Mr. Appleton wants.

4. With whom does Jones have lunch in this chapter?
(a) Lady Bird Johnson.
(b) Ava Gardner.
(c) Lady Ina Coolbirth.
(d) Marlene Dietrich.

5. Which world figure enters the restaurant, causing a stir?
(a) Jackie Kennedy.
(b) Frank Sinatra.
(c) Lyndon Johnson.
(d) Charles DeGaulle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jones go after leaving the theater?

2. Lady Ina's character is a thinly veiled portrait of __________________.

3. How does Aces feel about Jones' going to work for Kate?

4. Who is Jones summoned to see on this miserable morning?

5. Jones' dining companion says that the British Royal Family is racist and _________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Axel Jaeger embody one of the book's key themes?

2. What are three of the book's motifs that make an appearance in this chapter?

3. What information does Aces reveal to Jones about Axel Jaeger?

4. What were the perceptions among Capote's real life friends upon the publication of this fictional work?

5. How do Jones' strong feelings for Kate prompt him to think that he might be in over his head?

6. What impact did the publication of this work have on Capote's life?

7. Who is Aces Nelson and how does Jones meet him?

8. How does the author blur the line between reality and fiction regarding Barbara Hutton?

9. What is the reader's frustration with the burgeoning relationship Jones has with Mr. Appleton?

10. Describe Jones' first encounter with Kate McCloud.

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