Answered Prayers: The Unfinished Novel Character Descriptions

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P.B. Jones - He is the book's central character and narrator and his function is more of an observer and storyteller, a listener and transcriber.

High Society - This term is generally used to describe a segment of the population defined by wealth, status and influence that include both the financial and political spheres.

Turner Boatwright, Alice Lee Langman - These two characters play primary, initiating roles in the early stages of Jones' writing career.

Woodrow Hamilton, Victoria Self, Mr. Wallace, Mr. Appleton - These characters are associated with Jones' history and practice as a prostitute.

Kate McCloud - She is a wealthy and troubled socialite whose name recurs several times throughout both Unspoiled Monsters and La Côte Basque as an important figure of reference in the narrator's experience.

Aces Nelson - A friend of the rich and famous, a kind of procurer of services...

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