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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the old woman say about the business of slavery?
(a) She says nothing about it.
(b) That she does not understand it.
(c) That it is morally wrong.
(d) That it is necessary.

2. What is revealed in the old man and woman's commentary, regarding Kofi's tendency to buy slaves?
(a) He is too greedy.
(b) He uses slaves to solve his financial problems.
(c) He uses the slaves to replace children.
(d) He is doing it as an attempt to please Anowa.

3. How does Kofi Ako travel into town?
(a) On a train.
(b) In a luxurious car.
(c) On a chair carried by his slaves.
(d) In a luxurious carriage.

4. What does Kofi Ako suggest they do in order for Anowa to have some female companionship?
(a) That she moves back in with Badua.
(b) That she tries to make some friends.
(c) Buy female slaves.
(d) That he takes another wife.

5. What is Kofi Ako carrying toward the end of Phase two as he and Anowa continue their trade?
(a) Large sticks.
(b) Only one animal skin.
(c) A light bundle.
(d) A large bundle of animal skins.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Anowa doing in Phase two, while Kofi Ako talks to himself?

2. The scene of the funeral procession is what type of ending, as intended by Aidoo?

3. What is the ultimate cause of Anowa's decision to commit suicide?

4. Anowa's chief concern at the beginning of Phase two is _______.

5. What does Osam dissuade Badua from doing in Phase two?

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