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Jeff VanderMeer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the biologist feel about exploring alone on her way to the lighthouse?
(a) She knows she will be bored traveling alone.
(b) She welcomes the chance to travel alone.
(c) She is mad that the surveyor will not come with her.
(d) She is terrified of being on her own.

2. At what time of day does a low, powerful moan always sound in the area that the expedition explores?
(a) Mid-day.
(b) At random.
(c) Dusk.
(d) Midnight.

3. What makes the expedition team laugh over dinner in 01: Initiation?
(a) The psychologist spills soup on herself.
(b) They watch a group of ducks on the pond.
(c) The surveyor tells them all dirty jokes.
(d) When the anthropologists says, "I wish I knew what you were thinking," and the biologist responds, "no you don't" (31).

4. What object do the surveyor and the biologist encounter on the stairs during their second trip into the tower?
(a) The secret map of Area X.
(b) The corpse of the linguist.
(c) A horrible monster that writes on the walls.
(d) The corpse of the anthropologist.

5. What does the biologist see as she stands watch at night in 02: Integration?
(a) A tidal wave waiting to crash.
(b) A boar roaming between the trees.
(c) A flash of light from the lighthouse.
(d) A giant tongue slurping out of the tower.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does not want to go back to the tower in 02: Integration?

2. What does the biologist do to convince the surveyor to go to the lighthouse with her?

3. What happened to the members of the second expedition sent to explore the area that the narrator's expedition explores?

4. What does the biologist think about when she is in the tunnel in 02: Integration?

5. Who does not go into the tunnel during the first exploration?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the surveyor's reaction when the biologist tells her that the psychologist has been hypnotizing them?

2. How does the biologist feel when members of the Southern Reach come for her husband after he returned from Area X?

3. What is unique about the pool that the biologist had at her home growing up?

4. What discovery frightens the biologist and the surveyor within the tower in 02: Integration?

5. What is the mission of the 12th expedition into Area X?

6. What happens when the members of the expedition call back to the low moaning sound that comes from Area X at dusk?

7. In 02: Integration, what is the biologist's theory about what happened to the anthropologist?

8. How does the psychologist get the biologist and the surveyor to go into the tunnel without her In Integration?

9. After they discover the body of the anthropologist in 02: Integration, how does the biologist's view on the expedition change?

10. What is the interaction between the biologist and the surveyor before she heads to the lighthouse in 02: Integration?

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