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Jeff VanderMeer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the biologist find when she reads the surveyor's journal?
(a) It has only one entry, a cryptic reference to the anthropologist's return from the Tower.
(b) The surveyor had written all of her entries as haiku.
(c) It is mostly filled with surveying notes.
(d) It is filled with hateful yet admittedly accurate commentary of the surveyor's companions.

2. What word does the psychologist repeat over and over to the biologist?
(a) Immolation.
(b) Annihilation.
(c) Immersion.
(d) Area-X.

3. What is unique about the item the biologist sees in the canal?
(a) The eyes are oddly human and it feels like she has seen those eyes before.
(b) It can speak English.
(c) It is making a low moaning sound.
(d) It has two heads.

4. What reason does the psychologist give for sending the anthropologist down into the Tower?
(a) She never sent the anthropologist and only followed her in a doomed attempt to save her.
(b) She wanted to learn about the progress of the Crawler.
(c) She had accidentally hypnotized herself into going, only breaking out of it after the anthropologist sacrificed her own life to save her.
(d) She wanted to see the anthropologist die.

5. What did the psychologist write about the biologist?
(a) "Silence creates its own violence."
(b) "Her mind is porous."
(c) "Needs reinforcement."
(d) "Easily paralyzed."

6. What does the biologist find when she investigates the back room at the lower level of the lighthouse?
(a) Signs of a creature that had been taken over by Area X.
(b) Upturned furniture, bullet holes and other signs of a massacre.
(c) A featureless room.
(d) The psychologist.

7. What time does the biologist believe she can make it back to base camp by?
(a) 6am.
(b) 10 pm.
(c) Midnight.
(d) 2 am.

8. Which field assignment is Rock Bay for the biologist?
(a) Her first.
(b) Her third.
(c) Her fifth.
(d) Her tenth.

9. What first surprises the biologist when she arrives to the psychologist's position at the foot of the lighthouse?
(a) She is surprised that she never saw the psychologist lying there before.
(b) She is surprised that the psychologist is alive.
(c) She is surprised that the psychologist is dead.
(d) She is surprised that the psychologist is not happy to see her.

10. What name does the biologist use for the infection she acquired from the fungal spores?
(a) The crawling.
(b) The ensquirmination.
(c) The brightness.
(d) The verminfeels.

11. What does the biologist do with the psychologist's gun and personal letter in 04: Immersion?
(a) She throws them both away.
(b) She keeps them for herself.
(c) She burns them.
(d) She uses them to make a fire.

12. What does the biologist determine from the sheer quantity of the journals that she discovers in the lighthouse?
(a) There have been more than 12 expeditions to Area X.
(b) Area X must induce hypergraphia in its travelers.
(c) She is a less dedicated writer than she realized.
(d) Most of the journals must be empty or photocopied from other expeditions.

13. Who attacks the biologist on her way back to base camp in 04: Immersion?
(a) The anthropologist.
(b) The psychologist from the eleventh expedition.
(c) The Crawler.
(d) The surveyor.

14. What does the Southern Reach tell the people in the surrounding areas to explain Area X?
(a) There was an environmental catastrophe.
(b) They are testing weapons there.
(c) It is now a location used for war prisoners.
(d) There was an infectious disease.

15. What is unusual about the shed husk that the biologist kicks over?
(a) It looks like the skin of an extinct species of snake.
(b) It is made of solid gold woven into fine strands.
(c) It resembles a familiar human face.
(d) It's still alive.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the biologist retreat after her encounter with the pale moaning creature in 04: Immersion?

2. Why does the biologist recognize the face she saw on the shed husk?

3. What does the psychologist say the biologist was doing as she walked to the lighthouse?

4. Why does the biologist throw a rock at the lighthouse?

5. Why does the biologist know the layout of the lighthouse?

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