Annihilation Short Essay - Answer Key

Jeff VanderMeer
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1. What is the mission of the 12th expedition into Area X?

The expedition is to continue the government's investigation into the mysteries of Area X.

2. Describe the black boxes that each member of the expedition is given.

The black box is a small rectangular object with a glass covered hole in the middle that hangs from their belts at all times. If the hole begins to glow red, it is a warning that they have 30 minutes to get out of that area.

3. In "Initiation," what does the Biologist say happened to the members of the last expedition?

The members of the 11th expedition drifted apart and all eventually made it back to their family members back in the real world.

4. What is the moaning sound that the expedition hears in Area X?

The moaning sound is low and powerful. It happened each day at dusk. The members of the expedition are unclear as to what it is or where it comes from.

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