Objects & Places from Annihilation

Jeff VanderMeer
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The Tower

This mysterious structure appears variously to be made of living flesh or grey stone and coquina. It is filled with an elaborate and strange ecosystem and is suspected to be a living organism itself.

Black Boxes

These devices, given to members of the expedition to Area X, are said to glow red whenever their wearer is in danger and needs to escape somewhere safe.

The Lighthouse

This structure is mentioned by every participant in the eleventh expedition to Area X. Within its walls the biologist finds signs of bloodshed and deception.

The Map

This item is used by the characters to navigate Area X, though they soon discover that it is missing critical details that need to be filled in by the surveyor.

The Boat

This device is discovered by the biologist's husband. After fixing it up he uses it to venture further into Area X...

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