Daily Lessons for Teaching Annihilation

Jeff VanderMeer
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Lesson 1 (from 01: Initiation)


Students will learn about the genre of Science Fiction as they prepare to begin the novel. They will be able to contemplate what qualities identify something into the genre of Science Fiction.

Annihilation is a Science Fiction novel. There is debate as to whether or not fiction that falls into clear genre categories (i.e, YA, Romance, Horror, etc) can be considered "good literature." It is important for students to understand the different classifications of each genre and use those classifications to identify Science Fiction and differentiate it from other genres.


Group Activity: In groups of 2-3 students will be asked to look up the definition of "Science Fiction." They will be asked to list 5 different sci-fi books or authors that they know of. Are these books considered "good books"? Students will share out their findings with the class so that the entire class has...

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