Annihilation Fun Activities

Jeff VanderMeer
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Write a Poem or Short Story

Imagine that you are a member of the expedition. Write a poem or short story that describes your first reaction to seeing Area X.

Compare The Novel To The Film

Recently, Annihilation has been made into a movie. Watch the movie and write a review that compares/contrasts the movie to the novel. Are the key themes the same? What is changed in the film? Does this add to or take away from the overall story line?

Art Work

Vandermeer relies on sensory details to help the reader see, feel, smell and touch the setting of Area X. Select 10 adjectives used in the text and focus on creating an artistic representation of Area X using those details. This can be a drawing, a painting, a collage, or a diorama.

Create the Crawler

The main "monster" in this text is the Crawler. Vandermeer...

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