Annihilation Character Descriptions

Jeff VanderMeer
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The Biologist

This character narrates the story. They inhale a mysterious fungus that makes them immune to hypnotic suggestion. This gives them a different perspective from the other members of the expedition.

The Surveyor

This character has a military background. They are described as having a temper that may be helpful on the mission. They are the first character to truly grasp the implications of the writing on the tower's walls.

The Psychologist

This character leads the twelfth expedition into Area X. At first they seem insecure in the role, but over time they reveal that they are especially capable of controlling and influencing the other expedition members.

The Anthropologist

This character is the first to abandon the expedition. They are described as being nervous. They once escaped from a burning building that they had originally designed.

The Linguist

This character abandons the expedition before it even begins. One...

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