Annihilation Character Descriptions

Jeff VanderMeer
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The Biologist

This character narrates the story from journal entries. This character volunteers for the 12th expedition because their spouse was a member of the 11th expedition.

The Surveyor

This character has a military background. They are described as having a temper, and end up staying behind at base camp when the rest of the team separates for various reasons.

The Psychologist

This character leads the 12th expedition into Area X. This character mysteriously leaves base camp and is later found at the lighthouse. This character uses hypnosis to control the other members of the expedition.

The Linguist

This character is the first to abandon the expedition. This character decides at the last minute to not enter Area X at all.

The Anthropologist

This character is the first to disappear during the expedition. Later, this character is discovered, killed, in the tunnel.

The Biologist's Husband

This character, known only...

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