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Chapter 1

• A 10-year-old girl thinks about death and dying as the family stays at another home while their roof is being repaired.

• From the yard of the girl's house, she can see a cemetery and specks of people in the distance.

• The girl's mother explains that when the people are at the cemetery early in the morning, they are burying children.

• The girl expresses her fear of dead people.

• The girl and her family move back to their house on Dickinson Bay Street -- no cemetery in sight.

• Nalda, the daughter of her mother's friend, dies.

• The girl's father builds Nalda's coffin.

• The girl's mother bathes and dresses Nalda for burial since undertakers won't dress children.

• The girl's best friend, Sonia, is a dunce, but the girl helps her with homework and spelling her own name.

• The girl buys Sonia treats with money she takes from her mother's...

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