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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Peter do with Bosche?
(a) Shows off his sex organs
(b) Gives the cat to Anne
(c) Falls asleep with the cat in his arms
(d) Shows that she's pregnant

2. What is Anne holding to her face?
(a) Her hand
(b) A rag
(c) A scented handkerchief
(d) A flower

3. What color eyes does Peter have?
(a) Clear green eyes
(b) Clear hazel eyes
(c) Clear blue eyes
(d) Clear brown eyes

4. Who or what is Bosche?
(a) A rat
(b) Margot's pet name for Peter
(c) Peter's cat
(d) A stray cat that lingers around the building

5. What is the one thing Peter admires about Anne?
(a) She is pretty
(b) She's never at a loss for words
(c) She's always right
(d) She has lovely hair

Short Answer Questions

1. Anne is constantly enthralled with a certain kind of people. Which people are these?

2. How does Peter learn about this?

3. What kind of party does Miep describe to the family?

4. Who was Anne attracted to in kindergarten?

5. What is Mr. Frank's advice to Anne?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is smelling up the room on March 14, 1944? And what does Anne do to mask the scent?

2. What happens to cause Anne to question her relationship with Peter?

3. On February 12, 1944, Anne's mood changes and the reader sees some of the most positive writing of the entire diary. To what does Anne compare herself?

4. What are the differences in the conversations that the men have versus the women? About what do they each talk?

5. Describe the scene with Bosche and Peter.

6. What does Peter joke about that disturbs Anne? Why does this bother her?

7. What are food cycles, according to Anne?

8. Anne has a busy day of reading on April 27th. About what does she begin to read?

9. Anne has changed in this first section of March 7. How has she changed?

10. How does Peter say that Anne helps him? How does Anne respond in her diary?

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