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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the most optimistic about the war's progress?
(a) Mrs. Frank
(b) Mr. Frank
(c) Mrs. Van Daan
(d) Mr. Van Daan

2. What is Mrs. Frank's wish?
(a) To leave the secret hiding place right away
(b) To not see the Van Daans for a fortnight
(c) To have alone time with Mr. Frank
(d) To see Anne be more mature

3. About what does Dussel always talk?
(a) Anne's immaturity
(b) Peter's laziness
(c) His wife's extensive wardrobe
(d) Mr. Frank's poor taste in clothes

4. What does Anne do to try to stop thinking?
(a) She lies down on the divan to sleep
(b) She talks to her father
(c) She talks to Peter
(d) She writes in her diary

5. What will Germany do to protect the country in the event of an invasion?
(a) Flood the land
(b) Kill all the Jews
(c) Burn down the buildings
(d) Fight back

Short Answer Questions

1. With who did Anne think Peter used to be in love?

2. What is the title Anne would choose for her diary?

3. Who was twisting and turning the knobs during "Immortal Music of the German Masters?"

4. When do people look disapprovingly at Anne?

5. What was Peter not doing that evening that he would have time to talk with Anne?

Short Essay Questions

1. Anne and Peter's relationship is starting to change. What are three things that Peter does that make him seem like he might like Anne more?

2. Anne is beginning to develop into a young woman. Give two examples of how the reader can see this in the diary entries.

3. What does Peter joke about that disturbs Anne? Why does this bother her?

4. What was Bolkstein, an M.P., talking about on Dutch News from London?

5. What makes Peter so upset that he almost cries?

6. What does Anne's father think about Anne and Peter? How do his feelings change?

7. What are food cycles, according to Anne?

8. Anne has a busy day of reading on April 27th. About what does she begin to read?

9. What does Peter admire about Anne, and what prompts him to share this revelation with her?

10. Anne sees herself as a bundle of contradictions and as having a dual personality. How does she describe her two selves?

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