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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the special occasion on June 12th?
(a) Margot's birthday
(b) Mr. Frank's birthday
(c) Anne's birthday
(d) Peter's birthday

2. What good news does the secret hiding place receive for the Christmas season?
(a) Everyone gets sugar to eat
(b) Everyone gets an extra half pound of butter
(c) Everyone gets a new outfit
(d) Everyone will get to walk outside

3. Why wasn't anyone warned about the person who came unexpectedly?
(a) Mr. Van Daan didn't remember to share the news
(b) Mr. Frank thought it was best to not say anything
(c) Koophuis couldn't open the hook to the secret door
(d) Mr. Kraler was trying to get them caught

4. What is NOT one of the rules instated after burglars come?
(a) No washing
(b) No opening of the windows
(c) No tap use
(d) No lavatory

5. Where does Peter suggest Anne try to take her bath?
(a) In the kitchen
(b) In the large office WC
(c) In the office
(d) In the closet

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anne do in response to loud war noises outside?

2. What has been Anne's prized possession, before her diary?

3. What does Anne give to her father for his birthday?

4. What does Anne think about her period?

5. What name does Anne give the secret hiding place?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Anne's dream about Lies.

2. Describe some of Anne's difficulties with her new male roommate.

3. Describe Anne's feelings about having a diary.

4. Anne upsets her mother very much by something she says. What does Anne say to her mother? What does Anne's mother reply?

5. Describe the scene with Mr. Dussel and Mrs. Van Daan.

6. The Jews are restricted in many ways during this time of the second World Wars. What are some of the restrictions that Anne acknowledges?

7. Anne believes it's very important to write in code and takes measures to learn to do so. What does she sign up for?

8. Anne decides that her diary should be addressed as though it were a friend. How does she decide to do this?

9. Describe the scene with Mr. Van Daan and the sausage.

10. Why do the occupants of the Annexe celebrate both St. Nicolas Day and Chanuka?

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