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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what did the report on Dutch News from London talk?
(a) Making a collection of diaries and journals from the war
(b) The invasion of Holland
(c) The end of the war
(d) Hitler's resignation

2. Which is NOT a name for a special news service that the secret hiding space members have heard of?
(a) German Wehrmacht
(b) Special Air Raid Announcements
(c) German News Network
(d) English BBC

3. Anne and Peter talk about whether or not to tell Mr. Frank. Who is chosen to talk to Mr. Frank about their relationship?
(a) Mrs. Van Daan
(b) Mrs. Frank
(c) Anne
(d) Peter

4. Anne makes a strong statement about those involved in the war. Finish her sentence, we shan't get anywhere following...
(a) A bad plan
(b) A leader like Hitler
(c) An ostrich policy
(d) A dream without realism

5. From where does Bosche's fat come?
(a) It's really not known.
(b) From being pregnant
(c) Too many second helpings
(d) Stolen bones

6. Who has disappeared?
(a) Dussel
(b) Mr. Koophuis
(c) Bosche
(d) Kraler

7. Who spoke on Dutch News from London?
(a) Hitler
(b) Stalin
(c) Kreschestad
(d) Bolkestein

8. How does Anne describe her hair?
(a) Too straight and flat
(b) Dirty
(c) House-garden-kitchen hair style
(d) Mousy

9. What can't Anne understand?
(a) Why people don't like to work
(b) Why men talk about politics
(c) Why Peter is so stubborn
(d) Why women are so needy

10. What does Peter do with Bosche?
(a) Shows off his sex organs
(b) Gives the cat to Anne
(c) Falls asleep with the cat in his arms
(d) Shows that she's pregnant

11. What do the occupants of the hiding place think the burglar has?
(a) A vendetta against the owner of the building
(b) A reason to turn them in
(c) A gun
(d) A skeleton key

12. For what is Anne beginning to long?
(a) A kiss
(b) Freedom
(c) A walk outside
(d) A piece of bread

13. What does Peter forget to do that causes Kraler to become mad at him?
(a) Peter forgets to unbolt the door
(b) Peter forgets to turn off the lights
(c) Peter forgets to clean up the food
(d) Peter forgets to close his window

14. Why is Anne holding the answer to #134 to her face?
(a) Because she is trying to revive herself after fainting
(b) Because the one-year-old kale smells
(c) Because her mother told her to
(d) Because she is flirting with Peter

15. What is Anne afraid she will grow up to be?
(a) A dried up old beanstalk
(b) An old maid
(c) Someone like Margot
(d) A boring woman

Short Answer Questions

1. Who doesn't believe that the big men, the capitalists, and the politicians are guilty of the war?

2. Who was Anne attracted to in kindergarten?

3. Who asks is they can trust Peter and Anne alone in the attic?

4. What is Anne holding to her face?

5. Who is the most optimistic about the war's progress?

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