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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was twisting and turning the knobs during "Immortal Music of the German Masters?"
(a) Anne
(b) Peter
(c) Mr. Frank
(d) Dussel

2. Which is NOT a name for a special news service that the secret hiding space members have heard of?
(a) German Wehrmacht
(b) German News Network
(c) English BBC
(d) Special Air Raid Announcements

3. How does Anne describe her hair?
(a) Too straight and flat
(b) Dirty
(c) House-garden-kitchen hair style
(d) Mousy

4. What book is everyone reading?
(a) Heatless Summer
(b) Moonless Night
(c) Cloudless Morn
(d) Sunless Day

5. What ISN'T Anne asked about by her mother?
(a) Whether she should start undressing for bed
(b) Whether she has put salt on her food
(c) Whether she is reading the proper books
(d) Whether she likes Peter

6. What does Henk talk about to the family?
(a) His trip to the hiding spot
(b) A phone call to the doctor
(c) His last vacation
(d) His family

7. From where does Bosche's fat come?
(a) Stolen bones
(b) From being pregnant
(c) Too many second helpings
(d) It's really not known.

8. What is the favorite subject of Koophuis and Henk?
(a) The future of the Franks
(b) The food supply
(c) The underground movement
(d) The role of the English

9. What does Mouschi do that upsets Peter?
(a) The cat jumps on Peter and scratches him
(b) The cat runs away
(c) The cat urinates in wood shavings
(d) The cat yowls

10. What do neither Anne nor Peter do?
(a) Feel confined by their living space
(b) Talk about their feelings
(c) Confide in their parents
(d) Wish for peace

11. What does Peter do with Bosche?
(a) Shows that she's pregnant
(b) Gives the cat to Anne
(c) Falls asleep with the cat in his arms
(d) Shows off his sex organs

12. When do people look disapprovingly at Anne?
(a) When she tries a new hairstyle
(b) When she argues
(c) When she talks to Mrs. Van Daan
(d) When she sighs

13. What does Kraler bring with him on Mondays?
(a) A bag of candy
(b) A newspaper
(c) More ration tickets
(d) The Cinema and Theater

14. What is the one thing Anne notices about Peter?
(a) He is just like her father
(b) He has an inferiority complex
(c) He has long fingernails
(d) He isn't very smart

15. Anne and Peter talk about whether or not to tell Mr. Frank. Who is chosen to talk to Mr. Frank about their relationship?
(a) Mrs. Van Daan
(b) Anne
(c) Peter
(d) Mrs. Frank

Short Answer Questions

1. While Anne does not enjoy the frequent discussions of politics, there is one thing she believes to be perfect about the political situation. What is it?

2. What was Peter not doing that evening that he would have time to talk with Anne?

3. What can't Anne understand?

4. What are food cycles?

5. For what is Anne beginning to long?

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