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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the occupants of the hiding place think the burglar has?
(a) A vendetta against the owner of the building
(b) A reason to turn them in
(c) A skeleton key
(d) A gun

2. Why can't those hiding in the secret hiding area use the water?
(a) They are not allowed
(b) The sewer is blocked
(c) They are using too much
(d) Mr. Kraler is getting worried

3. What country still has one million Jews there, according to Anne?
(a) Germany
(b) Poland
(c) Russia
(d) Hungary

4. What does Mr. B procure for the occupants of the hiding place and for the workers?
(a) Fake documentation
(b) Strawberries
(c) Potatoes
(d) Money

5. How does Peter learn about this?
(a) By learning on his own
(b) By reading it in a book
(c) By asking his father
(d) By asking Anne

6. What ISN'T Anne asked about by her mother?
(a) Whether she is reading the proper books
(b) Whether she likes Peter
(c) Whether she should start undressing for bed
(d) Whether she has put salt on her food

7. When do people look disapprovingly at Anne?
(a) When she talks to Mrs. Van Daan
(b) When she argues
(c) When she tries a new hairstyle
(d) When she sighs

8. What do neither Anne nor Peter do?
(a) Wish for peace
(b) Feel confined by their living space
(c) Confide in their parents
(d) Talk about their feelings

9. With who did Anne think Peter used to be in love?
(a) Margot
(b) Margaret
(c) Lies
(d) Jopie

10. What has the Court forbidden from digging?
(a) Dussel
(b) Koophuis
(c) Kraler
(d) Elli

11. What does Anne call herself?
(a) A little bundle of contradictions
(b) A girl who is becoming a woman
(c) A small voice in the darkness
(d) A little person with big ideas

12. Who has disappeared?
(a) Kraler
(b) Bosche
(c) Mr. Koophuis
(d) Dussel

13. For what has Anne developed a great love?
(a) Geneological tables
(b) Peter
(c) Mr. Van Daan
(d) A movie star

14. What does Mr. Frank lose on a bet with Mrs. Van Daan?
(a) 5 pounds of butter
(b) 5 pieces of bread
(c) 5 pounds of sugar
(d) 5 bottles of yogurt

15. What does Anne want to become?
(a) A real young woman
(b) A speaker
(c) A movie star
(d) A fashionable woman

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of party does Miep describe to the family?

2. What is Anne afraid she will grow up to be?

3. What is Mrs. Van Daan's outlook on the war at the moment?

4. What book is everyone reading?

5. What does Anne do to try to stop thinking?

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