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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of which Peter does Anne dream?
(a) Peter Van Daan
(b) Peter Wessel
(c) Peter Hanson
(d) Peter Dresden

2. What does Peter forget to do that causes Kraler to become mad at him?
(a) Peter forgets to turn off the lights
(b) Peter forgets to clean up the food
(c) Peter forgets to close his window
(d) Peter forgets to unbolt the door

3. What do Anne and Peter finally do on April 28th?
(a) They give gifts to each other
(b) They tell each other that they are in love
(c) They give each other a hug
(d) They kiss on the mouth

4. What book is everyone reading?
(a) Sunless Day
(b) Cloudless Morn
(c) Moonless Night
(d) Heatless Summer

5. About what did the report on Dutch News from London talk?
(a) The end of the war
(b) The invasion of Holland
(c) Making a collection of diaries and journals from the war
(d) Hitler's resignation

6. From where does Bosche's fat come?
(a) From being pregnant
(b) Too many second helpings
(c) It's really not known.
(d) Stolen bones

7. About what does Dussel always talk?
(a) His wife's extensive wardrobe
(b) Peter's laziness
(c) Mr. Frank's poor taste in clothes
(d) Anne's immaturity

8. What does Kraler bring with him on Mondays?
(a) A bag of candy
(b) The Cinema and Theater
(c) More ration tickets
(d) A newspaper

9. Who or what is Bosche?
(a) Peter's cat
(b) A rat
(c) A stray cat that lingers around the building
(d) Margot's pet name for Peter

10. What is the one thing Anne notices about Peter?
(a) He has long fingernails
(b) He is just like her father
(c) He has an inferiority complex
(d) He isn't very smart

11. Who asks is they can trust Peter and Anne alone in the attic?
(a) Mrs. Frank
(b) Mrs. Van Daan
(c) Mr. Van Daan
(d) Mr. Frank

12. What does Peter say are "first rate" to Anne?
(a) Her ideas about the war
(b) Potatoes
(c) Her dance steps
(d) Her diary entries

13. What is Mrs. Frank's wish?
(a) To not see the Van Daans for a fortnight
(b) To see Anne be more mature
(c) To have alone time with Mr. Frank
(d) To leave the secret hiding place right away

14. How does Peter learn about this?
(a) By asking his father
(b) By reading it in a book
(c) By asking Anne
(d) By learning on his own

15. What is Anne's greatest wish in life?
(a) To become a mother
(b) To become a doctor
(c) To become a journalist
(d) To become a wife

Short Answer Questions

1. For what has Anne developed a great love?

2. What inevitably happens at the end of the radio speeches?

3. What book is Anne reading that necessitates a long entry by Anne?

4. What was Peter not doing that evening that he would have time to talk with Anne?

5. What country still has one million Jews there, according to Anne?

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