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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where were Anne and Margot born?
(a) Bergen
(b) Berlin
(c) Frankfort-on-Main
(d) Dusseldorf

2. Who does Anne want to marry?
(a) Peter Van Daan
(b) Albert Dussel
(c) Henk Klaus
(d) Peter Wessel

3. What is Dussel and Anne's argument over?
(a) A place for Anne to write
(b) A place for Dussel to exercise
(c) A place for Dussel to nap
(d) A place for Anne to rest

4. What holidays arrive just one day apart in 1942?
(a) Christmas and St. Nicolas Day
(b) Chanuka and St. Nicolas Day
(c) Chanuka and Passover
(d) Chanuka and Christmas

5. What does Mr. Frank make for Margot and Anne?
(a) A music box that helps them pass the time
(b) A small notebook in which they can share thoughts
(c) A card index box to write down names of books they have read
(d) A large pillow for them to share

6. Who is NOT going to take shorthand?
(a) Margot
(b) Mrs. Van Daan
(c) Anne
(d) Peter

7. what was on top of the basket at the celebration?
(a) A picture of Jesus
(b) A cross
(c) A mask of Black Peter
(d) A star of David

8. What does Dussel decide to do with this free time and skills?
(a) Open up a dental clinic
(b) Work on other people's hats
(c) Open up a vet clinic
(d) Open up a medical clinic

9. What does Anne give to her father for his birthday?
(a) Butter
(b) A book
(c) A poem
(d) A piece of candy

10. Who was the first person who greeted Anne that day?
(a) Margot
(b) Peter
(c) Bosche
(d) Moortje

11. What does Mrs. Van Daan bring with her because she doesn't feel at home without it?
(a) Her own chamber pot
(b) Her fur coat
(c) Her bedsheets
(d) Her dog

12. Who is the new person that the hiding place will include?
(a) Margaret Goosens
(b) Albert Dussel
(c) Julian Kreshen
(d) Frank Van Daan

13. What DOES NOT happen at Westerbork?
(a) Men and women are housed together
(b) Jews have their heads shaven
(c) Jews are asked to make quilts
(d) Jews have to use one lavatory

14. What is Camera Obscura?
(a) A party game
(b) A book about cameras
(c) A poem
(d) A camera

15. Who is Dussel's first client?
(a) Mrs. Van Daan
(b) Mrs. Frank
(c) Margot
(d) Anne

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Miep's husband?

2. Who was in The Lighthouse Keeper?

3. What time did Anne wake up on June 12th?

4. What do Anne and her father do for everyone on St. Nicolas Day?

5. Who did Anne have to say goodbye to when they left their home?

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