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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the entry to the hiding place?
(a) In the attic
(b) On the first floor
(c) On the second floor
(d) Under the front stoop

2. What French book is Anne attempting to read?
(a) La Plus des Enfants
(b) La Belle Nivernaise
(c) La Belle Nouveau Riche
(d) Le Tragedie de la Guerre

3. What has been Anne's prized possession, before her diary?
(a) Her fountain pen
(b) Her cat
(c) Her vest
(d) Her book

4. Who was the first person who greeted Anne that day?
(a) Moortje
(b) Bosche
(c) Peter
(d) Margot

5. What does Miep bring on Christmas in 1943?
(a) A message from others in hiding
(b) A cake with Peace 1944 written on it
(c) A turkey
(d) A bundle of expensive presents

6. Who is Dussel's first client?
(a) Anne
(b) Mrs. Frank
(c) Mrs. Van Daan
(d) Margot

7. What does Anne say would help her more than what she swallows in #85?
(a) A good hearty laugh
(b) A trip to the store
(c) Clean clothes
(d) A bath

8. Which is NOT a title of an essay that Anne has to write as a punishment?
(a) A Chatterbox
(b) Quack, Quack, Quack Mrs. Natterbeak
(c) Chatterbox, Chatterbox
(d) An Incurable Chatterbox

9. What does Anne swallow everyday?
(a) Valerian pills
(b) Fish oil
(c) Aspirin
(d) Sugar water

10. Where does Peter suggest Anne try to take her bath?
(a) In the closet
(b) In the kitchen
(c) In the office
(d) In the large office WC

11. What is the name of Mrs. Koophuis' daughter?
(a) Cordelia
(b) Corry
(c) Corrine
(d) Caron

12. What happens that causes Mrs.Van Daan to become hysterical?
(a) She breaks a vase
(b) She spills something on her fur
(c) She yells at her husband
(d) A tool gets caught in her tooth

13. What do the Gestapo say happens when hostages end up dead?
(a) They call them horrible tragedies
(b) They call them fatal accidents
(c) They call them accidental occurrences
(d) They call them terrific murders

14. Who did Anne have to say goodbye to when they left their home?
(a) Her boyfriend, Harry
(b) Her friend, Lies
(c) Her cat, Moortje
(d) Her dog, Moorno

15. What was "possibly the nicest of all" the presents Anne received?
(a) The money
(b) Her diary
(c) The plant
(d) The roses

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the person Anne sees in her dreams?

2. Why are the Van Daans thinking about selling Mrs. Van Daan's fur coat?

3. What happens to Anne's prized possession?

4. What was Mr. Van Daan wearing as he was making sausages?

5. Who was in The Lighthouse Keeper?

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