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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through June 27, 1944 - August 1, 1944.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anne call Peter Wessel?
(a) My Pete
(b) My Special Bou
(c) My Petey
(d) My Petel

2. What happened on Saturday afternoon?
(a) Anne received her diary
(b) Mr. Frank left to go into hiding
(c) It was Anne's birthday party
(d) Margot went to play ping pong

3. What does Mr. Van Daan do to cope with the stresses of his life?
(a) He hides away from everyone else
(b) He drinks too much
(c) He argues with his wife
(d) He smokes and smokes and smokes

4. Where were Anne and Margot born?
(a) Dusseldorf
(b) Bergen
(c) Frankfort-on-Main
(d) Berlin

5. What do the Van Daans make up for the new person?
(a) A new bed
(b) A new shirt
(c) A plate of food
(d) A set of rules

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Anne's father's nickname?

2. What was Peter not doing that evening that he would have time to talk with Anne?

3. What flowers are given to Mrs. Van Daan on her birthday?

4. Who asks is they can trust Peter and Anne alone in the attic?

5. What rule is NOT true for the Jews since Hitler's rise to power?

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