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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through June 27, 1944 - August 1, 1944.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Anne is constantly enthralled with a certain kind of people. Which people are these?
(a) The Jews
(b) The Christians
(c) The Dutch
(d) The Germans

2. What did Peter do on Margot's birthday that was out of character?
(a) He stayed longer than was strictly necessary
(b) He gave her a nice present
(c) He gave her a kiss
(d) He barely said a word to her

3. Where were Anne and Margot born?
(a) Frankfort-on-Main
(b) Berlin
(c) Dusseldorf
(d) Bergen

4. What happens to Anne's prized possession?
(a) It gets wet
(b) It becomes too small
(c) It accidentally gets tossed in the fire
(d) It dies

5. what was on top of the basket at the celebration?
(a) A mask of Black Peter
(b) A cross
(c) A picture of Jesus
(d) A star of David

Short Answer Questions

1. What rule is NOT true for the Jews since Hitler's rise to power?

2. Why are the Van Daans thinking about selling Mrs. Van Daan's fur coat?

3. Why are Dussel and Mr. Van Daan not speaking?

4. What does Anne feel is the best remedy for those who are angry, lonely, or unhappy?

5. What can't Anne understand?

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