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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through March 27, 1944 - April 11, 1944.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the favorite subject of Koophuis and Henk?
(a) The underground movement
(b) The future of the Franks
(c) The role of the English
(d) The food supply

2. Which is not one of Anne's school friends?
(a) Peter Van Daan
(b) Lies Goosens
(c) Jopie de Waal
(d) Sanne Houtman

3. What is Mrs. Frank's wish?
(a) To leave the secret hiding place right away
(b) To see Anne be more mature
(c) To have alone time with Mr. Frank
(d) To not see the Van Daans for a fortnight

4. Who were the occupants of the hiding place not warned was coming?
(a) The garbage man
(b) The milkman
(c) The SS
(d) The carpenter

5. When do people look disapprovingly at Anne?
(a) When she tries a new hairstyle
(b) When she sighs
(c) When she argues
(d) When she talks to Mrs. Van Daan

Short Answer Questions

1. Who died in 1942, who Anne says she misses terribly?

2. What inevitably happens at the end of the radio speeches?

3. What does Anne think about her period?

4. What DOES NOT happen at Westerbork?

5. Who does Anne want to marry?

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