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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through March 27, 1944 - April 11, 1944.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Anne feel is unbearable?
(a) Mrs. Van Daan
(b) Margot
(c) Mrs. Frank
(d) Peter

2. What does Peter say are "first rate" to Anne?
(a) Potatoes
(b) Her dance steps
(c) Her ideas about the war
(d) Her diary entries

3. Who does Anne want to marry?
(a) Albert Dussel
(b) Peter Wessel
(c) Henk Klaus
(d) Peter Van Daan

4. While Anne does not enjoy the frequent discussions of politics, there is one thing she believes to be perfect about the political situation. What is it?
(a) Articles in the newspapers
(b) Speeches by Winston Churchill
(c) Reports from the BBC
(d) Miep's observations of the war

5. Which of the following IS a rule for the Jews since Hitler's rise to power?
(a) They can stay out later on the weekends
(b) They can not meet with other Jews
(c) They can associate with anyone they like
(d) They can not go to places of entertainment

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are the Van Daans thinking about selling Mrs. Van Daan's fur coat?

2. Why are people talking about different ways of preparing themselves?

3. Where does Anne go to school?

4. Who has been told that they don't look well at all?

5. Who died in 1942, who Anne says she misses terribly?

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