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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through March 27, 1944 - April 11, 1944.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who asks is they can trust Peter and Anne alone in the attic?
(a) Mrs. Van Daan
(b) Mr. Frank
(c) Mrs. Frank
(d) Mr. Van Daan

2. What are the newspapers publishing?
(a) Pictures of concentration camps
(b) Maps of Holland
(c) Pictures of Hitler
(d) Maps of Germany

3. Why does the electricity have to go off for two weeks?
(a) They have been making too much noise
(b) They have used up the ration.
(c) They have not paid the bill
(d) They have been found out

4. What do Anne and her father do for everyone on St. Nicolas Day?
(a) They cook a wonderful meal
(b) They decorate a Christmas tree
(c) They sing songs
(d) They write poems for each member of the hiding place

5. What would Mrs. Frank love to eat?
(a) Potatoes
(b) Meat
(c) Matzoh
(d) A piece of rye bread

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Peter not doing that evening that he would have time to talk with Anne?

2. Who does Anne want to marry?

3. What do the gentlemen do as they sit around listening to the radio?

4. What has been Anne's prized possession, before her diary?

5. Where is the entry to the hiding place?

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