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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through December 7, 1942 - April 2, 1943.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Camera Obscura?
(a) A book about cameras
(b) A camera
(c) A poem
(d) A party game

2. When did the Franks emigrate to Holland?
(a) 1936
(b) 1930
(c) 1934
(d) 1933

3. Which of the following IS a rule for the Jews since Hitler's rise to power?
(a) They can stay out later on the weekends
(b) They can not go to places of entertainment
(c) They can not meet with other Jews
(d) They can associate with anyone they like

4. What does Mr. Frank make for Margot and Anne?
(a) A card index box to write down names of books they have read
(b) A music box that helps them pass the time
(c) A large pillow for them to share
(d) A small notebook in which they can share thoughts

5. Why wasn't anyone warned about the person who came unexpectedly?
(a) Mr. Van Daan didn't remember to share the news
(b) Mr. Frank thought it was best to not say anything
(c) Koophuis couldn't open the hook to the secret door
(d) Mr. Kraler was trying to get them caught

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Anne want to learn shorthand?

2. Which is not one of Anne's school friends?

3. What does Anne decide to call her diary?

4. How many people are in the hiding place after the Van Daans arrive?

5. What did Anne and her family do to avoid carrying bags and calling attention to themselves?

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