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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through January 6, 1944 - January 24, 1944.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What flowers are given to Mrs. Van Daan on her birthday?
(a) Daisies
(b) Red carnations
(c) Roses
(d) Peonies

2. What does Anne swallow everyday?
(a) Valerian pills
(b) Aspirin
(c) Fish oil
(d) Sugar water

3. What good news does the secret hiding place receive for the Christmas season?
(a) Everyone gets an extra half pound of butter
(b) Everyone gets sugar to eat
(c) Everyone will get to walk outside
(d) Everyone gets a new outfit

4. What does Anne mean by shank's mare?
(a) To travel by train
(b) To travel by bus
(c) To travel by foot
(d) To travel by horse

5. What is Mrs. Van Daan's biggest issue with Anne and Anne's mother?
(a) Anne's diary
(b) Anne's upbringing
(c) Anne's moodiness
(d) Anne's voice

Short Answer Questions

1. From where does Bosche's fat come?

2. What do Anne and her father use for their waste?

3. What was Mr. Van Daan's past job?

4. How many people are in the hiding place after the Van Daans arrive?

5. What has happened to the building with the secret hiding place?

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