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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through March 7, 1944 - March 23, 1944.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henk talk about to the family?
(a) His family
(b) His trip to the hiding spot
(c) A phone call to the doctor
(d) His last vacation

2. Why are the Van Daans thinking about selling Mrs. Van Daan's fur coat?
(a) They have run out of money
(b) It doesn't fit Mrs. Van Daan anymore
(c) They don't use it anymore
(d) Someone has offered to buy it

3. What does Anne swallow everyday?
(a) Sugar water
(b) Valerian pills
(c) Aspirin
(d) Fish oil

4. Why is Anne holding the answer to #134 to her face?
(a) Because the one-year-old kale smells
(b) Because she is trying to revive herself after fainting
(c) Because she is flirting with Peter
(d) Because her mother told her to

5. What do the occupants of the hiding place have to share?
(a) A bowl
(b) A jar
(c) A towel
(d) A washtub

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Anne feel is unbearable?

2. What happens to Anne's prized possession?

3. What was Peter not doing that evening that he would have time to talk with Anne?

4. What flowers are given to Mrs. Van Daan on her birthday?

5. What does Anne say would help her more than what she swallows in #85?

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