Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

June 14, 1942 - June 15, 1942

* Anne's 13th birthday brings her a special gift - her diary.

* She also receives other gifts and sweet biscuits at school.

* Anne writes that she likes Peter Wessel and wants to marry him.

* Anne is friends with Lies Goosens and Sanne Houtman and more recently Jopie de Waal

* Anne has party with friends.

June 20, 1942 - July 5, 1942

* Anne contemplates how she will use and share her diary, if at all.

* Anne doesn't think she has anything important to say.

* Anne writes about her family - her father, sister Margot, and her mother.

* Her two uncles have left Germany because of the war.

* Her grandmother has come to live with the family.

* Anne talks about the rise of Jewish persecution - the yellow stars, curfews, not being able to visit Christians, etc.

* Anne begins an entry with "Dear Kitty"

* Margot is out playing ping pong with friends...

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