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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Anne and Gilbert go for a walk in Chapter 41?

2. Who is Mr. John Douglas?

3. What does Anne say about being a bridesmaid three times?

4. Who gives Philippa a brief lecture in Chapter 25?

5. How does Anne respond to Gilbert's proposal near the end of Chapter 41?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Aunt Jimsie lecture Philippa about in Chapter 25 and why? What does it show about Aunt Jimsie?

2. What foreshadows Anne finally admitting her true feelings about Gilbert?

3. Why is Anne a little selfish in Chapter 29 and where is she?

4. What bothers Anne at the party and what does it tell the reader in Chapter 26?

5. What do we learn about Philippa in Chapter 24?

6. Is Roy's proposal to Anne her ideal? How so?

7. After Anne gets paid ten dollars for a publication, what do we learn about Anne?

8. Why is Anne herself shocked when she rejects Roy's proposal?

9. What does Anne think about Roy when they meet in Chapter 25?

10. How does Gilbert know he must try to propose to Anne again?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Patty's Place is a very significant location in the novel. Discuss what Patty's Place is and how it almost becomes a character in the story. Why is it so important to the characters and the plot? How is Patty's Place introduced in the novel and what happens to it by the end? Be sure to use specific examples from the novel to support your claims.

Essay Topic 2

There are several males in the novel who help in moving the plot forward. Choose one of the following characters to fully analyze. Be sure to discuss the character's personality, relationship with others, and how he has changed throughout the novel. Be sure to use specific examples from the novel to support your claims.

(a) Roy

(b) Jonas

(c) John Douglas

Essay Topic 3

Friendship is an important theme in the novel. Discuss what friendship means and its importance in the novel. Analyze the friendships between different characters and how they change or stay the same. Be sure to use specific examples from the novel to support your claims.

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