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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the result of the church outing for Davy and Dora?

2. Who is responsible for helping the freshman class with Art Rush?

3. Why are the people of Kingsport proud of their town?

4. What does Jane ask Anne in Chapter 8?

5. Why does Davy storm off on the way to church?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly compare and contrast Davy and Dora in Chapter 13.

2. What makes Anne upset in Chapter 2 and what does she want to prove because of it?

3. What is the story behind Rusty the cat in Chapter 16?

4. What does the reader learn about Anne's character through her attempts to get published in Chapter 11?

5. What are the girls learning by living in their new home at Patty's Place in Chapter 16?

6. What gives Anne a reminder of home in Chapter 5?

7. What is Anne afraid of in Chapter 19 and why?

8. Describe the academic standing of Anne, Philippa, Gilbert and Priscilla and what it tells the reader about them in Chapter 7.

9. What demonstrates that Philippa has slowly changed in Chapter 10?

10. How does Anne feel when she finds out about Billy's marriage to Nettie and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One particularly interesting relationship is the relationship between Anne and Davy. Sometimes Anne is like a sister to Davy, other times like a mother. Discuss the relationship between these two. How are they like brother and sister? How are they like mother and son? What does how Anne interacts with Davy tell us about her? What does how Davy interacts with Anne tell us about him? Be sure to use specific examples from the novel to support your claims.

Essay Topic 2

The ideal love and romance is any girl's fantasy. Even Anne has her own ideas about it. Discuss what it means to dream about an ideal romance or an ideal man/woman. What is Anne's ideal? What is Philippa's? Are these girls realistic in what they want? Do they eventually get their ideal man or are they with someone completely different? What does it say about them? How are they brought from their dreams to reality? Be sure to use specific examples from the novel to support your claims.

Essay Topic 3

Friendship is an important theme in the novel. Discuss what friendship means and its importance in the novel. Analyze the friendships between different characters and how they change or stay the same. Be sure to use specific examples from the novel to support your claims.

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